Companies should utilise AI technologies for data-driven reporting on corporate emissions


This World Environment Day, while it’s positive that the majority of bosses intend to increase their long-term investments in sustainability initiatives, the tricky next step is making sure that such green projects actually drive change. This is particularly difficult when you consider the lack of readily available standardised frameworks that companies can follow.

As part of their journey to net-zero emissions, business leaders should consider the role AI technologies can play to ensure that green initiatives are measurable and performance-driven from the outset. Corporate data can be harmonised to provide a single, unified view of an organisation’s carbon footprint, which includes their network of third-party suppliers. This intelligence can be delivered both quantitatively, with reportable checklist-style scoring, and qualitatively, with a more in-depth commentary on progress. Only with this level of transparency will business leaders have confidence that there is no obscurity around the output of their green investments and initiatives.

NeuerEnergy aims to serve as an intelligent advisor for corporate, industrial and public entities on the best suited renewable products for their operations. As an intuitive API-based platform using AI with SaaS applications, NeuerEnergy is uniquely positioned to offer real-time intelligence that provides both short and long-term predictions that safeguard ongoing energy efforts.