Conker launches wearable barcode scanning system to drive logistics productivity


Conker, which provides reliable devices for mobile workforces, is proud to launch its dual wearable barcode scanner and PDA combination. The first-to-market portable and low weight device combination is designed to drive logistics productivity, by increasing operator efficiency and uptime.

The scanner delivers an average of 15 hours working time, and the PDA 10 hours of battery life. The vigorously tested BG2 glove has shock-proof industrial grade housing and comes with charging dock and spare battery. With a four-inch screen, the PDA companion can be strapped to the arm to create an all-in-one wearable system for barcode scanning and data management on-the-go. Unlike some other devices on the market, both devices are IP65 rated and have removable batteries making them ideal for the physical work environment and long working patterns.

Using Bluetooth connectivity, barcode data from the scanner is transferred instantaneously to the device, ensuring the operator can easily double-check the item scanned. Workflows can be optimised because, at all times, the operator’s hands remain free to continue with other critical tasks, such as picking and packing boxes.

James Summers, CEO at Conker, said: “We’re extremely proud to be launching this new platform, supporting the need to improve productivity and workflows in logistics. With the exceptional growth of the sector, and increasing demands on warehouses and logistics workers, digitalisation is essential. This glove and PDA device combination will help by simplifying and speeding up tasks, as well as reducing errors.

“As the system is worn it is more secure and less likely to be dropped. Our focus is always upon developing products that are designed to be used in real-world rugged and rapid conditions – providing reliable devices for mobile workforces.”

All Conker products come with a free one-year ‘Relax’ accidental damage warranty, which means customers are covered on all their devices, whatever happens, no quibbles. Three- and five-year accidental damage warranties are also available with no small print and no exclusions.

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