Sixfold Teaming Up With All Telematics Providers


Real-time logistics visibility provider Sixfold today announces a strategic move to partner with all telematics systems and fleet management providers. The move will help the logistics industry have real-time data of supply chain shipments, irrespective of control systems being used.

“Working together with telematics providers doesn’t just mean that we integrate with their platform and exchange data,” says Wolfgang Wörner, Sixfold’s CEO. “Instead, we are making each of these collaborations create value for our joint customers and making them as easy, fast and as secure as possible.”

Sixfold has already partnered with the biggest telematics providers across Europe, covering more than 95 percent of the market and are continuously improving these collaborations. Its mantra is to “do it once, do it right” from the outset when integrating data sources for predictive visibility of shipments.

Wörner adds: “Simple and automated onboarding of carriers to the Sixfold platform via our best-in-class telematics integrations ensures best data quality and fast ROI for shippers and carriers alike. Thus, we are heavily investing in strongly collaborating with all telematics providers, rather than relying on more outdated and costly ways of collecting data such as EDI or flat-file exchanges.”

Because easy data-sharing has become the utmost importance for the industry, Sixfold became one of the first members of OpenTelematics – an organization with the primary goal of developing a standardized protocol for the transmission of telematics data. Sixfold is proud to be the first company to integrate OpenTelematics’ standard interface.

Sixfold is now seeking opportunities to closely collaborate with all telematics partners and cites some examples of how it is bringing value to supply chain providers:

Future proof concept for Webfleet Solutions to fully automate carrier onboarding

Webfleet Solutions (formerly known as TomTom Telematics) — Sixfold and the EU-Telematics-Market-Leader, Webfleet Solutions, are working closely together to simplify the onboarding and operating of new carriers onto Sixfold’s real-time visibility platform. Webfleet Solutions is providing the highest level of data availability and security (ISO 27001) on its open Connect-Platform and comprehensive, innovative solutions via the award-winning user interface. A future proof concept providing a seamless user experience.


Sixfold button in Mobilisis online portal for setting up new users fast and easy

Mobilisis has incorporated a Sixfold button in its online portal to make setting up the necessary user and authorization for access to the Sixfold platform as easy as possible. After the carrier selects Sixfold, credentials are generated and received as an email notification within a few moments. Manual interaction and any kind of communication for setting up the connection is unnecessary. Further, through the Mobilisis application, carriers can easily select which vehicles are synchronized between Mobilisis and Sixfold with just one click.


Step-by step instructions for carriers using Wialon

Sixfold has successfully established a partnership with Wialon, Gurtam’s platform for GPS tracking and IoT. Sixfold provides detailed step-by-step instructions to Wialon carriers. Carriers can easily setup login settings themselves and establish the connection to Sixfold. As a result, Sixfold can onboard Wialon carriers even faster without the need for dedicated integrations.