Siemens Aviation Data Hub: New software solution breaks up data silos at airports


Siemens Logistics has developed a new software solution for airports: Aviation Data Hub. It enables a standardized exchange of data in real time and integrates key metrics for a variety of applications on a central, secure platform. The software breaks up the data silos within the traditional airport IT architecture. The result is improved cooperation between the different players at an airport, for example airport operators and airlines. Airports benefit from a reliable data pool covering all applications – including a complete history as well as the current status of individual functions. Up to now, airlines, ground handling and airports had different information on operational activities and processed it individually in their systems. The integration of these data sets allows precise predictions to be made, such as whether a certain piece of baggage will reach a connecting flight within a given time – something that was not possible in the past.

Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics, explains: “For the first time, Aviation Data Hub makes it possible for our customers to combine, compare and further process the wealth of data from various airport functions. Airport operators also benefit from our flexible Software-as-a-Service model.

” Alongside the sheer volume of data, the use of diverse data standards is a major challenge within the aviation industry. Aviation Data Hub is based on industry standards such as AIDM and ACRIS. These models define a framework for exchanging data between different airport stakeholders, such as airports, airlines, partners and suppliers.

“We’re delighted that Siemens has integrated ACRIS into Aviation Data Hub. The benefit of integrating standards such as ACRIS is that airports and all partners in the aviation industry can accurately and swiftly exchange data and information”, explains Serge Yonke Nguewo, Senior Manager, Airport IT, Airports Council International (ACI) World.

The applications are developed in Germany and in the MindSphere Application Center (MAC) in Dubai. The MAC in Dubai brings aviation experts, software developers, data specialists and engineers together to work with customers to realize digital innovations for airports, airlines, freight service providers and ground-handling services. This close collaboration produces solutions that are tailored to individual customer requirements, which results in maximum added value and direct competitive advantages. The digital applications developed in the MAC are based on MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens. Globally, Siemens operates 20 MACs for digital customer applications, with each MAC focusing on specific topics.

Siemens Logistics develops intelligent digital applications that improve operational efficiency and the travel experience at the airport. The product portfolio includes airport software as well as hardware solutions to optimize baggage handling sorting processes. Siemens Logistics also offers a comprehensive program of consulting and maintenance. Airlines and airports benefit from the company’s decades of experience in the airport business. Today, 16 of the top 20 passenger airports are Siemens customers.

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