Container Terminal of Port of Durres Transitions to Modern, Cloud-based TOS with Navis N4 SaaS Offering


Navis, the provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for leading organizations throughout the global shipping industry, announced that Container Terminal of Port of Durres (CTPD) has successfully completed a significant step change in its terminal operations with the transition from previously manual operations to Navis’ N4 SaaS. The implementation of Navis’ innovative solution allows CTPD to streamline day-to-day operations utilizing the Navis cloud and lay the groundwork for continuous terminal innovation moving forward.

CTPD, newly operated by Mariner Adriatic, sits within the Port of Durres, which is geographically located in the western part of Albania and is one of the most strategic ports on the Balkan and Adriatic Sea. It’s a well-known port in the region and offers a perfect combination of geographical position, moderate climate, roads, and rail access. With a focus on becoming one of the most important container terminals in the Adriatic Sea region and ensuring customer satisfaction, the port continues to invest in qualified staff, upgraded machinery and terminal automation systems.

“Just months after Navis formally introduced our N4 SaaS offering, we are already seeing growing interest and clients reaping the tremendous benefits that moving their terminal operations to the Navis cloud can offer,” said Jacques Marchetti, General Manager, EMEA, Navis. “In just three months, and without any additional investment in hardware or onsite expertise required, Mariner Adriatic was able to convert the terminal’s operations and make it one of the first sites operating N4 SaaS in the cloud. As a smaller terminal, playing a strategic role within the Mediterranean corridor shippers in an extended peak season coming out of the pandemic, it is critical that CTPD has the ability to quickly adapt to fluctuations in cargo volumes. With the full suite of N4 functionality available in our cloud offering, the terminal now has the option to expand the system as both productivity and demand increase.”

Speaking to the ease of use of the N4 SaaS offering, Mariner Adriatic was able to start configuring and testing the system within two weeks of launching the implementation project – all of which was overseen by a fully remote team of terminal operators. Through the cloud, the terminal was able to roll out capabilities incrementally, starting with gate, moving to the yard and then to vessel operations, followed by Equipment Control and EDI Exchange functionality as well as BI reporting and integrations with external systems.

“The implementation of N4 SaaS is a significant advancement for Container Terminal of Port of Durres and one that we firmly believe will lead to improved efficiency across our operations, a more seamless exchange of information with key stakeholders and a broadened portfolio of services that we can offer our customers,” said Alket Malo, CFO of Durres Port Authority. “Beyond that, the additional layer of security afforded to us through cloud operations, along with increased visibility, transparency, and trackability of our operational processes, will be key to expediting law enforcement activities within the port. Navis’ partnership and established expertise in these areas gives us an added competitive advantage and will only serve to strengthen our position in the region.”

Companies are increasingly adopting SaaS solutions in virtually all functions of their business. Realizing the benefits of SaaS technologies, 79% of Navis customers surveyed in 2020 indicated they are exploring moving their TOS to the cloud to increase their profitability, improve flexibility and shore up their backup and disaster recovery plans. Over fifty Navis customers currently run Navis applications in the cloud.

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