Top Supply Chain Solution Providers Across the Globe Unite as Körber


Today twelve of the world’s top supply chain technology solution providers from around the world announce their transition to the brand Körber. Together as Körber, the companies are a leading global supply chain technology provider with a diverse range of capabilities spanning software, automation, voice, robotics and material handling equipment, including the system integration and consulting to tie it all together.

“For the supply chain industry, the unified Körber brand represents both the current operational structure of the organization and its future direction,” said Clint Reiser, director of supply chain research at ARC. “Beyond a portfolio company, Körber’s range of technologies and capabilities in supply chain represent a suite of solutions and professional services that address a broad spectrum of client supply chain technology needs.”

“Over the last few years, we have strategically expanded our supply chain technologies and expertise – empowering customers to deliver upon ever-increasing requirements for speed, convenience and choice,” said Dirk Hejnal, chief executive officer for Körber Supply Chain. “In many cases, we have already leveraged this unique depth and vision for businesses worldwide. Tying it all together under a single brand was the logical next step in strengthening our position.”

“Our new branding is a natural move to bring our unique vision and message to market,” said Rene Hermes, chief marketing officer for Körber Supply Chain. “Our new tagline, ‘Conquer supply chain complexity’ embodies the ‘one-of-a-kind’ offering we have for the industry. Based on our research, more than 90% of supply chain professionals aren’t ready to handle today’s complexities. We turn what were once roadblocks into success – into opportunities today and beyond.”

The Körber Business Area Supply Chain is part of the international technology group Körber. Formerly Körber Logistics Systems, this consists of Aberle, Aberle Software, Cirrus Logistics, Cohesio Group, Consoveyo, DMLogic, HighJump, Inconso, Otimis, Langhammer, Riantics and Voiteq. Körber is home to more than 2,300 in-house professionals and nearly 100 strategic partners across the globe dedicated to advancing supply chains. As a result, businesses have access to a single provider to turn today’s supply chain challenges around labor, consumer expectations and adoption of new and emerging technologies into a strategic differentiator. With 30+ years of experience, Körber already has proven success with thousands of companies worldwide.

The Körber Business Areas Digital, Pharma and Tissue will also follow the same branding strategy – realigning to the single master brand Körber.

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