Contentstack Partners with Uniform to Deliver Lightning Fast Personalized Sites


Contentstack, the leading Content Experience Platform (CXP), today announced Uniform has joined its Catalysts partner program. Contentstack’s Catalysts program is an ecosystem of industry-leading technology and service providers to accelerate digital experience innovation. In becoming a Catalyst, Uniform will offer Contentstack users a MACH-enabled platform to help enterprise organizations create the fastest personalized sites that engage their customers.

Uniform brings the personalization features of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to Jamstack applications. By connecting modern developer tools and edge-based personalization to MACH technologies, Uniform enables instant, global scaling, reduced cost, and faster time-to-market without requiring expensive, time-consuming re-platforming.

“We have been following Contentstack’s success within the enterprise. As enterprise organizations are moving away from monolithic CMSs to headless ones, Contentstack is leading the way. There have been two big adoption blockers to headless CMSs gaining significant traction in the enterprise: the lack of enterprise content management features and the lack of marketing tools. The combination of Contentstack and Uniform eliminates those blockers.” says Lars Birkholm, Co-founder and CEO of Uniform.

Contentstack’s enterprise-grade content management capabilities and Uniform’s headless personalization offers enterprises the technology to satisfy both IT priorities (such as performance, fast time to market, access to modern development frameworks and Jamstack architectures), as well as marketing priorities (like creating compelling content and personalized experiences based on the visitor’s real-time intent).

“The days when an organization would spend months or years on expensive and disruptive re-platform projects that deliver no business value are over. Today, an organization can use Uniform to build a pluggable, scalable stack that can evolve over time. Partnering with Contentstack enables organizations to add best-in-class enterprise content management capabilities to their stack more easily than ever,” says Lars Birkholm, Co-founder and CEO of Uniform.

Contentstack’s Catalysts program brings together top agencies, consultants and technology companies to provide businesses cutting-edge solutions and expert insights to accelerate their ability to deliver personalized, omnichannel digital experiences. Catalysts work with the ecosystem to drive market visibility, manage growth opportunities and deliver transformational customer success. Contentstack provides Catalysts with the CMS industry’s most powerful integrations framework and the ability to build new integrations to meet customer needs. Catalysts advance the use of a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, headless (MACH) architecture, bringing award-winning technology, best practices and a proven methodology for delivering exceptional digital omnichannel engagement.

“Personalization is a major goal for many marketing teams and digital transformation programs.  But in many cases, this high priority strategy fails to get off the ground because of the complexity in the traditional tools and processes needed.” says Peter Fogelsanger, Contentstack Global Head of Partners.  “The team at Uniform address this complexity head-on with an amazing solution that is fast to implement and maintain that also delivers incredible site response times.   Uniform’s integration with Contentstack offers an enterprise grade end to end solution for authoring, managing, and personalizing experiences.”

“Combining Uniform, Contentstack, and Gatsby into an integrated architecture demonstrates the power of modern web design using MACH. With Gatsby as the frontend framework, Contentstack as the headless CMS, and Uniform powering personalization, users can create great user experiences that are customized to their individual site visitors. We’re pleased to see continued growth of the ecosystem of solutions that can leverage the full content hub capabilities of Gatsby,” says Kyle Mathews, Co-founder and CTO of Gatsby

Join Contentstack and Uniform at GatsbyConf on March 3rd, 2021 for our workshop to see a demo of how an enterprise organization can build a custom digital experience stack that delivers the fastest personalized sites using Contentstack, Gatsby® and Uniform.

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