Contentstack Reimagines Content Management in the Enterprise for a New User Experience


Contentstack, the leading Content Experience Platform (CXP), today announced a complete redesigned and reimagined user interface for its award-winning headless content management system (CMS). The new design system brings a simplified user experience to both editors and developers, effectively ending the struggle between technological capabilities and user-friendliness in enterprise software.

According to a recent Gartner report, “The world has changed due to proliferation of digital channels and multiexperience modalities, accelerated in the COVID-19 pandemic rush to digital and the desire for touchless experiences.” Businesses must achieve new levels of speed and agility for executing against their digital customer experience ambitions. This requires that IT and business teams are equally enabled to work at the new pace, without compromising quality, brand and governance. Contentstack helps enterprises accelerate the digital-first transformation by empowering marketers to create content faster, allowing developers to build, and eliminating bottlenecks everywhere.

It is widely reported that 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail to reach their goals. One reason is that organizations fall short is digital training. A Randstad survey uncovered that 58% of workers say their employer uses the latest digital tools and platforms — but doesn’t provide them the training they need to use them. Contentstack provides an ecperience that is so intuitive, it eliminates the need for training.

“Content creators are the lifeblood of every brand and it’s time to stop slowing them down,” said Matthew Baier, COO of Contentstack. “We’ve completely redesigned the user experience so content creators are free to work at the speed of their imagination. Contentstack is removing the learning curve for CMS, enabling content to come from anywhere in your organization.”

The new UI is a game changer for enterprise software, bringing simplicity and elegance to content management. The focus on productivity means a streamlined editing experience with more space for content, fewer clicks in the editorial process and faster discovery of content.

This next level of usability will enable central content teams to provide even more autonomy to subject matter experts and casual content contributors across the entire organization. As a result, businesses will accelerate content production and quality, shifting the function of the central content team to orchestration, quality assurance and creative work rather than filling in CMS forms.

“Headless CMS has traditionally been viewed as a developer-first approach,” said Auden Hinton, Director, Digital Experience at ICE Mortgage Technology. “While we initially selected Contentstack because it offered by far the best overall user experience on the market, the new user experience goes much further and truly levels the playing field for our developers, digital and marketing teams alike. As a result, we are seeing broader, faster adoption, improved content collaboration and streamlined operations. These lead to a shorter time to value for new digital experiences and higher ROI for our investments into digital content.”

“Content demands are ever-increasing and extend beyond marketing content,” said Matthew Morey, Senior Vice President of Technology for Valtech. “Across all industries, the digital urgency to provide customers with human and helpful content and self-service let volumes and pace increase significantly. Businesses are realizing that digital-first agility and excellence demands superior enablement of all subject matter experts.”

Traditional content management systems for the enterprise are increasingly recognized as detractors to business agility, due to being feature-bloated and difficult to upgrade and maintain. Headless content management systems have enabled businesses to make significant progress in digital speed, but the user experience lagged behind the technology. With Contentstack, customers have the simplicity and ease that end users want and the powerful technological capabilities that the enterprise demands.

Customers can now request early access through their Customer Success Manager and Partners can request early access through the Catalyst program. The new experience will be rolled out more widely at no additional cost to existing customers and partners starting March. For more details about the new user experience, please visit