Convergence Recap: Survey Says… It was a hit!


Like many organizations this year, we pivoted, making our annual in-person user conference, Convergence, a virtual event. Convergence is the only user conference dedicated to Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management. This year was a new experience for our customers and based on the feedback, it was a great success! Loftware was able to engage with customers around the globe, while offering a mix of live content, product demos, and 1:1 meetings with Loftware team members and product experts.

We wanted to offer some highlights from the event that took place before the holidays:

  • Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling Maturity Model was presented for the first time during Convergence. The Maturity Model offers a framework for evaluating the state of labeling within your organization, while also offering a blueprint for what you can do to take your labeling to the next level. Attendees were asked to complete their own Labeling Assessment to receive their labeling score and get a custom report for their organization. Attendees were also able to get a peak of the live benchmark data from assessments completed by conference attendees. It was a great opportunity for many to see how they stacked up against their peers. If you are interested in finding out your labeling score, feel free to take the Enterprise Labeling Maturity Assessment and get a personalized score outlining your company’s stage of labeling maturity.


  • The next highlight from Convergence included a session dedicated to the major benefits and considerations of migrating from Loftware Print Server to Loftware Spectrum. Loftware Spectrum takes Enterprise Labeling to the next level and supports increasing industry demands around labeling. Loftware Print Server customers can build upon the labeling success they’ve established and expand with Loftware Spectrum to better support new and expanding business requirements.


  • Lastly, we looked to the future of Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management how this year’s trends are impacting your business today and in the future. The session highlighted extensive survey data along with market and analyst perspectives in outlining global trends that are having an impact on your business.


If you weren’t able to check out these exciting sessions – It’s not too late! Even if you weren’t able to attend the live event, you can still view any of our session recordings – and on your own time.