Copado Brings Affordable Automated Testing to Any Team Using the Salesforce Platform


Copado, the global leader in low-code DevOps, today announced it has added Copado Robotic Testing to Copado Essentials. Designed for smaller teams, Copado Robotic Testing Essentials will offer fast, affordable automated testing to every customer using the Salesforce platform. Since its launch last year, more than 15,000 companies use Copado Essentials to release faster on Salesforce with higher quality and security. Essentials customers include Boise State University, Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Nike, Proctor & Gamble, and The J.R. Simplot Company.

Testing has become critical to successful digital transformation projects, as release quality is a leading driver of risk, cost and speed within the software development life cycle. Salesforce makes it easy to quickly deploy low-code applications and to innovate faster. This speed makes automated testing critical, particularly for small teams that have struggled to keep up with manual testing and limited internal resources. In a survey of existing Copado Essentials customers, 85% of respondents said they currently use manual testing or no testing at all.

Companies using manual testing often find that release quality suffers because there is not enough time to test changes before deployments and defects found later in the release cycle are exponentially more expensive to fix. The 2022 State of Salesforce Testing Report found that manual testing has a 95% higher total cost of ownership than using commercial test automation tools.

“Smaller teams are under pressure to deliver high-quality digital experiences but with constrained budgets and fewer resources,” said Andrew Leigh, CMO at Copado. “With Copado Robotic Testing for Essentials, we are providing every company, regardless of size, a way to deliver high-quality releases. We’re now providing affordable, AI-powered automated testing, delivering a fast and easy way to improve the quality of any company’s releases on the Salesforce platform.”

Copado Robotic Testing for Essentials provides AI-powered test automation for Salesforce, enabling customers to test new releases in minutes. Teams can quickly create low-code test scripts via visual recording and natural language keywords. With self-healing AI, Copado Robotic Testing for Essentials eliminates broken tests and manual maintenance allowing small teams to focus on innovation.

Copado Robotic Testing for Essentials is available immediately. Teams looking to retire change sets and automate testing of Salesforce releases can get started for free with Copado Essentials.

Copado is redefining how to achieve success with SaaS and low-code platforms with its data-driven approach to delivering faster, higher quality releases and improving trust across digital transformation projects. Organizations that implement DevOps and automated testing best practices have been shown to deploy more often, fail less often and recover faster.