Cotonificio Albini Digitizes Asset Management with Infor


Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, announces that Cotonificio Albini, a famous  Italian brand and the largest European manufacturer of shirt fabrics, has chosen Infor CloudSuite EAM (enterprise asset management) to help digitize the corporate asset management. Implemented by the Italian partner  Know-How, the solution will allow the textile sector company to improve the management of the maintenance processes of the group’s assets and operating personnel.

Formed in 1876, with over 140 years of experience in the textile sector, factories in Italy, Egypt and the Czech Republic and a strong focus on innovation and quality culture, Cotonificio Albini manages a large portfolio of assets. Previosuly it had no IT system for controlling asset management, so the company has chosen  Infor CloudSuite EAM to provide a global and unified platform with common graphics to control maintenance costs, purchasing and component replenishment.

Infor CloudSuite EAM is a best in class business asset management software that helps to digitize and optimize maintenance operations to achieve new levels of efficiency.

The solution has been built to reflect the many nuances of vertical industries and allows users to analyze the main maintenance and other operating processes, to identify more efficient and effective ways of operating.

The high configurability of the solution allows for perfect adaptability to the needs of the company and ensures maximum scalability, from an evolutionary perspective. Cotonificio Albini will implement a series of modules relating to the request of the work order following the reporting of a fault, work order planning for maintenance workers, the procurement and consumption processes of spare materials and activities related to inventory, up to intra-warehouse transfers and specific user-warehouse authorizations. Finally, a customized process was created for the specific needs of Cotonificio Albini in relation to the deadlines of the warehouse lots for the management of laboratory products.

The roll out of the solution involves three phases, with the initial go live during the first quarter of 2020 in three plants in the province of Bergamo, two in Albino and one in Gandino, which will be followed by the Brebbia plant (VA) and Tessitura di Mottola (TA) and finally the foreign branches in Egypt and the Czech Republic.

“We needed to implement a system that consistently managed maintenance activities in our factories, both locally and internationally within the group. Infor’s solution will allow us to unify the activities and optimize the work done by all our staff, improving their performance,” said Andrea Albini, Cotoificio Albini’s technical director.

“We are pleased to support Cotonificio Albini, an importantant brand in Italy. We see a growing interest in EAM solutions to optimize asset management and be competitive and successful on the market. Cotonificio Albini has understood the importance of investing in digital functionality and innovation to maintain its leading position in the sector, and by industrializing the efficiency of its production plants and optimizing the life cycle of its assets, this will result in a positive impact on the company’s cash flow,” said Bruno Pagani, Infor’s country sales manager for Italy.

“The partnership with Infor allows us to offer the market innovative and specific technology for the needs of the vertical sectors which, combined with our experience in the market, allows client companies to obtain benefits and achieve concrete results to optimize business activities”, said Claudio Montanari, Know-How’s CEO.