DAT & FourKites Bring Real-time Supply Chain Visibility to North America’s Largest Freight Marketplace


DAT Freight & Analytics, North America’s largest marketplace for truckload freight, and FourKites®, the leading real-time supply chain visibility platform, today announced the next step in their strategic partnership that will bring real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility to the DAT network. Integrating FourKites visibility into the DAT One Freight Management System will enable carriers on FourKites’ platform to make themselves instantly identifiable to 3PLs and brokers on the DAT network, creating the largest pool of “trackable” capacity on the spot market. Together, FourKites and DAT are streamlining visibility workflows that will eliminate countless hours of manual tracking and data collection calls that continue to plague the industry.

“We have seen the demand for real-time visibility and order status updates to consumers — from all those operating within the truckload freight industry — grow at an unprecedented rate,” said Claude Pumilia, DAT President and CEO. “Legacy visibility tools require extensive manual processes for carrier connectivity and do not provide the level of transparency into shipment status that today’s consumers both need and demand. By working together with carriers who are already part of FourKites, the world’s largest visibility platform, we are breaking down barriers to data-sharing and collaboration.”

Together, DAT and FourKites are providing an innovative solution to simplify delivery of automated tracking and carrier connectivity for brokers and shippers through the DAT One Freight Management System. Brokers and shippers will be able to request, initiate and monitor highly accurate load tracking from carriers directly in DAT One. To streamline visibility workflows, carriers can connect their electronic logging or GPS device to the FourKites platform to provide their customers with highly secure shipment tracking, leveraging FourKites’ Dynamic ETA® technology, which provides the market’s most accurate estimated times of arrival. The end result is stronger communication, improved appointment adherence and reduced truck dwell time.

“Supply chain visibility has swept the market over the last few years,” said Chad Boblett, Owner of Boblett Brothers Trucking. “Visibility is now absolutely critical to maintaining customer loyalty and winning new business. The faster both brokers and carriers adopt this technology, the better we can perform on each load from start to finish, including avoiding unexpected calls, delivering within highly accurate ETAs, communicating with customers and more.”

“Many LSPs are spending large amounts of resources to manually track for their customers, which is highly inefficient and prone to error,” said Mathew Elenjickal, FourKites founder and CEO. “Together with DAT, we are creating the largest network of tracked trucks in the industry, which will provide full visibility into North American brokered freight, empowering brokers and carriers to better meet rising customer demands. Armed with high-quality visibility data, they will be able to streamline operations, increase productivity and run a scalable and sustainable freight network.”

To learn more about the FourKites-DAT partnership, visit DAT at Booth #65216 in the West Wing of the Expo Center, or FourKites at Booth #64208 at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), in Louisville, Kentucky, from March 24-26.