E2open selects Shippeo as Strategic Partner to Accelerate Value Creation for Clients


E2open, the network for the emerging digital economy, and Shippeo, the European leader in real-time transportation visibility (RTTV), today announced a partnership to interconnect their networks and accelerate value creation for their clients.

Through its multi-enterprise business network, E2open connects clients with all tiers of channel, supplier, logistics and global trade ecosystem partners to make better decisions and orchestrate global supply chains across industries. E2open’s carrier network includes all modes of transport in all regions, including visibility to more than 40% of the global ocean freight volume. With Europe’s fastest-growing carrier network, Shippeo tracks more than 10 million shipments in 70 countries across multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail and logistics service providers. The seamless integration of Shippeo’s network with E2open’s network and applications will provide ultra-accurate real-time over-the-road transportation visibility for complex and mission-critical logistics operations, with a strong focus on data quality, timeliness and granularity down to the SKU level.

“Global visibility is a foundational pillar for supply chain agility and resiliency,” said Michael Farlekas, president and chief executive officer at E2open. “Today’s announcement builds on our Visibility For All™ initiative and reinforces E2open’s commitment to provide the industry’s broadest and deepest visibility to shipments across all modes, all legs and all regions and further accelerates our client’s digital transformation initiatives to become more agile and resilient.”

This new level of business agility and resiliency to capture opportunities and withstand disruptions in an increasingly volatile world requires end-to-end supply chain management that can see, understand, act and learn. The Visibility For All program democratizes the “see” aspect by allowing all E2open clients to add the In-Transit Visibility application to their current subscription for no additional cost. Data from E2open’s network powers advanced applications that go beyond visibility to goods in motion and predictive ETAs. These next-generation applications understand the business impacts of delays, proactively take corrective actions and learn from outcomes with artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously improve performance and make better decisions.

“The partnership with Shippeo leverages our open architecture platform and supports E2open’s strategy of offering clients access to the largest and most comprehensive network”, said Pawan Joshi, executive vice president of product management and strategy at E2open. “Seamlessly interconnecting the Shippeo network and E2open network makes it faster and easier for clients to realize the benefits of a connected supply chain enabling them to consistently improve customer service and increase productivity.”

“We’re excited to partner with E2open to deliver clients unprecedented visibility for better decision-making,” commented Lucien Besse, chief operating officer at Shippeo. “Many organizations have so much to gain from improving industry collaboration amongst themselves and we see transportation visibility as a cornerstone technology in enabling this.”

To learn more about E2open’s Transportation Management applications, visit https://www.e2open.com/intelligent-applications/transportation-and-logistics.

To learn more about Transportation Visibility trends, visit https://www.shippeo.com/en/resources/blog