Elemica Drives Innovation with Recent Supply Chain Quality Solution Acquisition


Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, announced today two significant client enhancements within their Supply Chain Quality Management Solution, Elemica Quality. The new capabilities help minimize risks and manufacturing disruptions related to the quality of goods from suppliers during the pre-shipment process.

One significant capability added is the ability to support Ship-to-Control (STC) techniques and its associated industry standards.  The Elemica Quality Solution automates this process using data inputs to statistically derive control limits for specific properties of a product. By automating this process, a supplier can quickly identify out of range products before shipment.

“These innovations are a result of significant interactions with clients in the high tech, aerospace and defense, chemical and food and beverage industries,” said Kurt Nusbaum, Vice President of Elemica Quality Solutions. “Elemica Quality solutions like these ensure that suppliers comply with the design specifications of their customer.”

Additionally, Elemica Quality solution now automates the Pre-Ship Authorization (PSA) saving time by coordinating the approval process, generating the authorization, and notifying all the parties. Pre-Ship Authorization ensures production that a supplier complies with specifications of the buyer and the terms of a purchase order or letter of credit prior to shipment by using a pre-shipment inspection.

Both of these new capabilities are available and are being tested and deployed at Elemica Quality Solution clients.