Eliminate Manual Processes Related to Packaging Artwork


What does the typical workflow for a member of your product or print operations team look like? Well if it is anything like the following, you may want to rethink your packaging artwork strategy:

  1. Switch from Adobe to email app to get approval for artwork
  2. Switch to Excel to track progress
  3. Scroll through a Google doc to find approved copy
  4. Spend an hour in file explorer trying to find the most recent artwork for a given package
  5. Email other stakeholders to obtain review and approvals

At first glance you might not see a problem with the way the operation is being performed. But, would you be surprised if I told you that research from our recent report shows just 39% of the time is spent actually managing the packaging artwork. The rest of the time is spent trying to track down information from various locations (14%), talking to other co-workers to ensure consistency (14%), and sending and receiving emails to stakeholders (28%). On top of that, any miscommunication or hiccup in the process can cause a detrimental issue for the outcome of the product’s time to market.

Fortunately, Loftware recently came out with a new report, Artwork Management: Email is Your Enemy to combat against the struggles of having an outdated, manual artwork process. By reading the report, you will learn how to better manage product artwork and fight against:

  • Inconsistent content
  • Manual methods limiting access to digital assets
  • Limited visibility hiding production bottlenecks
  • Paper proofing which does not spotlight change


The best way to mitigate these challenges and remove manual processes is by introducing Loftware Smartflow, an automated packaging artwork workflow that lets you digitally transform your product lifecycle process to reduce complexity, improve traceability and ensure regulatory compliance.


Download the report.