iDTRONIC ST-01: Speed Gate – Modern Design combined with the highest Security Standards


The ST-01 Speed Gate is an elegant Access Control Solution for high passenger volumes. This access control system was developed with a focus on comfort and aesthetics: Especially for public buildings, museums, airports, wellness resorts, theme parks or large office buildings. The speed gate, specially designed for indoor use is a reliable solution for access control processing. It is also optionally available with a wider passageway. This is an ideal solution for barrier free access.



The housing of the access control system is modern and elegant. Visually, the Speed Gate with its robust, durable stainless-steel housing makes your entrance an eye-catcher. The Top Cover on the bottom consists of 10 mm anti-corrosion black tempered glass. The Swing Panel is a motorized barrier system of 10 mm tempered clear glass. Thanks to the IP41 Protection Class, the Speed Gate is resistant and protected against dust, dirt and wetness (e.g. Wet Areas, Umbrellas, etc.). Indoor Areas with changing temperature environments withstand the Speed Gate from +1 °C to +50 °C.



Efficiency and time saving are important for Access Controls with high passenger volumes. The Speed Gate guaranteed by its high performance up to 60 Passages by minute. It is also bidirectionally passable. Furthermore, an integrated intrusion detection allows secure access during peak hours and prevents unauthorized simultaneous passage of two or more people. The number of passageways can be extended with the double-sided sections. Each double-sided section creates one extra passageway and therefore a faster access for visitor, employees and customer. It ensures 500,000 passageways within the mean lifetime of 8 years.



A special highlight are the LED displays integrated in the top cover, which visually indicate both the passage status and the passage direction. An additional built-in LED card display shows the user where the card (or wristband) needs to be pointed for reading.

The ST-01 can be equipped with two RFID Card Readers MIFARE® . This allows the reading of NXP MIFARE® Ultralight & Classic 1K + 4K Cards and Tags. If the Speed Gate receives an emergency signal, the Speed Gate switches off automatically and allows a fast passage by slightly pushing the Swing Panels backwards.



The standard scope of delivery includes the Speed Gate without Swing Panel, a Control unit with builtin standby power supply, an integrated thermo control system, a RC Panel and a remote control. Thanks to the supplied wired remote control, the speed gate can be controlled from the reception. The warranty period is 3 years from delivery.



Different swing panels are available:

▪ ATG-300: 650 mm Passageway Width with short Swing Panels

▪ ATG-300H: 650 mm Passageway Width with high Swing Panel

▪ ATG-425: 900 mm Passageway Width with short Swing Panels


Accessories:  Double-Sided Section for ST-01, Power Supply, Cable tie mount (Sormat PFG IH10)

Successful customer implementation at the airport: reference example


More Information: ST-01 Speed Gate