Elite Hotels of Sweden Standardises on Infor


Infor®, the industry cloud company, today announced that premium hotel operator Elite Hotels of Sweden has begun a project to standardise operations on Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) and Infor Sales & Catering System (SCS).  Replacing a legacy system that is unable to offer the integrated and holistic data needed, the applications are set to be rolled out across over 40 properties throughout Sweden, creating a unified, consistent guest experience.

Learn more about Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS): https://www.infor.com/en-gb/products/hms

 Learn more about Infor Sales & Catering System (SCS): https://www.infor.com/en-gb/products/sales-catering

Following a thorough review of the market, Infor was chosen based on the comprehensive ecosystem of integrations.  The ability of the cloud-based platforms to ensure Elite Hotels of Sweden remains on the most up-to-date functionality was also a vital consideration.

“When we looked to replace our legacy management solution, we knew we needed to prioritise not only the current operations but also the guest experience we wanted to offer in the future,” said Ronny Röe, chief information officer at Elite Hotels of Sweden. “In practical terms, this means we need to ensure our new software can cover all the necessary processes across our properties alongside the ability to integrate with other solutions and technologies. To then keep all this continually up-to-date mandated a cloud approach. It’s this combination of industry specific functionality, integration and cloud delivery that made Infor HMS the right solution for us.”

“Infor SCS will help us to deliver the seamless, frictionless experiences that guests expect, automating the entire event booking process with an intuitive workflow at every stage of the customer journey. Its ability to integrate with other solutions will help to provide optimum levels of business visibility too, furnishing us with a comprehensive view of the organisation at any moment in time.”

“Standardising the operations of such an extensive portfolio of properties is, in itself, a huge undertaking,” said Stan van Roij, Infor’s vice president of hospitality solutions. “But to then take this as an opportunity to look forward and anticipate guest needs in the future and the impact on the business, shows that Elite Hotels of Sweden is making a substantial investment in a transformative alignment of business technology. The ability of Infor to partner in this initiative, delivering visibility throughout hotel and catering operations, as well as enabling the technology that will underpin the guest experience of tomorrow, has been critical.”