IT Governance: 31.5 Million Records Breached in December 2022


In its monthly analysis of the latest data breaches and cyber attacks across the world, IT Governance has identified 78 publicly disclosed security incidents in December – resulting in 31,586,757 compromised records.

Compared to November 2022, we can see a slight decline, where we identified 95 publicly disclosed security incidents and 32,051,144 compromised records.

Alan Calder, Founder and Chairman of IT Governance, commented, ‘Although November was a particularly bad month for security, December still shows an unnerving level of incidents. As organisations enter the holiday period, it’s important for them to remember that cyber attacks and data breaches don’t pause during this time, and can often have more of an impact – one factor being due to the absence of in-office employees.

Cyber criminals are always seeking ways to take advantage, and the Christmas period is especially enticing to them as people are not always ‘on the ball’ during this period. The increase of online shopping and financial transactions around Christmas also gives plenty of opportunities for cyber crime, so it’s vital to stay vigilant and protect your personal information, as well as organisations taking the necessary precautions to stay one step ahead of criminals. Investment in strong cyber defence in depth is so important to ensure you can withstand a breach, not just during the holiday period, but throughout the year.’

Please find the full list of incidents with further details here, broken into their respective categories; Cyber Attacks, Ransomware, Data Breaches, Financial Information, Malicious Insiders and Miscellaneous Incidents.