Engelbert Strauss puts trust in Körber for end-to-end supply chain optimization in light of rising demands


Following a successful go-live of the CI Factory in Schlüchtern, Germany, Körber is also integrating the new emerging logistics location at the Engelbert Strauss headquarters Biebergemünd into the overall logistics network through K. Motion DOM. Efficient inventory and order processes will enhance operational flexibility to handle rising order volumes across all sites.

Körber continues to support Engelbert Strauss in its comprehensive supply chain modernization efforts through expanded cross-site inventory and order management processing. Key to it is the integration of the logistics site in Biebergemünd, which will rely on a high degree of automation, a continuous digital chain from the ERP to the control level, and intelligent interaction with the overall logistics network of Europe’s leading manufacturer of workwear.

The use of a homogeneous software suite – including K.Motion Distributed Management System (DOM), K.Motion Warehouse Management System (WMS) and K.Motion Warehouse Control (WCS) – provides Engelbert Strauss with real-time transparency of inventory at various sites, overarching coordination and status tracking of processes, and efficient control of the complex processes in the highly automated plant.

The site will be reconstructed successively over the next three years during ongoing operations. Its heart is a newly constructed shuttle warehouse with 16 aisles and 25 goods-to-people workstations. Order picking is partly robot-assisted, while autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are also used for returns handling. As the level of automation and throughput increases, so do demands on performance and flexibility of the process control system. This is handled by Körber’s WMS, designed for these complex tasks. The overall system will combine state-of-the art supply chain technology and intelligent control components to enable significantly faster storage and retrieval, order picking and returns processing.

The logistics facility in Biebergemünd is currently integrated into K.Motion DOM to interact with the new distribution center and CI Factory in Schüchtern (live since mid 2020), as well as other smaller decentralized warehouse locations. By integrating the WMS into the DOM system, Körber closes the gap between the existing ERP and the warehousing and distribution sites, creating a virtual logistics hub. The DOM system aggregates and distributes orders in the logistics network, enabling optimized capacity utilization and the shortest possible delivery times to the customer.

“As warehouses and DCs become more complex and end-user expectation reach all-time highs, the greater the need for robust DOM, WM and WC systems. Through these central control points, logistics businesses can build automated technologies into their operations, which can potentially transform their process flows and maximize workforce productivity. Thus, the end-to-end digital supply chain implemented for Engelbert Strauss allows controlling multi-layered processes in a highly automated plant with increased efficiency – and to conquer supply chain complexities even better,” says Michael Brandl, Executive Vice President EMEA Operations at Körber Supply Chain Software.

“As supply chains become more dynamic, the need for warehouses and DCs to optimize their facilities holistically becomes crucial,” says Matthias Fischer, COO at Engelbert Strauss. “With Körber, we rely on solutions extending beyond the confines of the warehouse for wider visibility. With advanced software technologies, Engelbert Strauss’ supply chain is equipped to scale alongside its growing business.”