Supply chain specialist proudly attains Earned Recognition with TruTac


Trucklink EU, the freight distribution and e-commerce supply chain specialists, have gained Earned Recognition status via the DVSA scheme and have officially become an ‘exemplary’ operator in the UK’s palletised freight sector.

“For the most part, this has been made possible by TruTac,” says Depot Manager Paul Whelan. “We are able to apply the requisite monitoring and reporting procedures which demonstrate that our driver and vehicle performance consistently meet the high standards set by the DVSA scheme.”

In a bid to gain tighter control over general fleet and driver data, Trucklink EU began using TruTac software products around three years ago. Since then and by switching compliance reporting processes from manual to digital, procedures are easier to implement and accurate real-time data regarding every driver and vehicle is immediately accessible, for auditing and ongoing management control.

“We download remotely, all driver and vehicle info”, explains Paul “and then send the verified tacho data directly to TruTac for analysis, so we can view the results via automated email reporting. This gives us complete visibility and insight, enabling immediate corrective actions to be taken and forward planning to be done.”

As part of TruTac’s integrated TruAnalysis package, Trucklink EU use TruChecks, TruLicence, TruView and TruFleet – each module playing a dedicated role in assisting with day-to-day vehicle and driver control.

“For example,” adds Paul, “using the TruTac app, our drivers can do their daily walk-round and vehicle checks and remotely report any defects as they arise. These are immediately logged and viewed by the workshop so repairs can be scheduled and then entered in the system once complete.

Trucklink EU also point to the ‘very significant’ reduction in driver infringements achieved by enabling management and drivers alike to see exactly where and when mistakes have been made, so the appropriate consultation and advice can be given.

“The system allows us to connect fully with our drivers and because of their own proactive input, each one is able to feel part of the solution rather than the problem. Plus,” adds Paul, “the easy-to-use dashboards and screens have gone a long way to reducing driver stress.”

With a mixed fleet of over 60 vehicles, driver hours and tacho data could normally be difficult to monitor, interpret and retrieve, says Trucklink. However, with TruTac’s compliance control software and Earned Recognition under their belt, the company says it’s never been so on top of compliance-related data and is going from strength to strength.

“Our reputation is built on consistently delivering trusted and efficient logistics solutions” sums up Paul Whelan. “TruTac has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our performance targets and are always there when we need them. We regard them as part of the Trucklink team.”

As a share-holder member of the Pall-Ex network and using 170,000 sq. ft of strategically – located warehousing throughout the UK, Trucklink EU Limited provides end-to-end supply chain solutions for local, national, and global freight movement.