Entrepreneurial Operator Solves Compliance Puzzle & Drives Efficiency with TruTac


Bentons Haulage, experts in UK general haulage, has significantly improved fleet efficiency and compliance across all areas of their operation using multiple TruTac software products.

Family run since the 1920s and based near Coleshill, Birmingham, Bentons has used TruTac’s compliance products for over ten years but only recently added TruFleet maintenance software to manage workshop and vehicle inspection procedures.

“The impact was instant,” says Director Shane Benton. “It was like the missing piece of the puzzle. We reduced vehicle downtime and workshop maintenance administration by over 30%, which is driving performance improvements throughout the entire operation.”

Since taking over the reins from his father and uncle with his cousin Ross Benton, Shane is trailblazing a highly respected career and say TruTac is one to watch in the industry. Shane’s keen interest in technology and utilising ‘Big Data’ from integrated systems is delivering on his goals of working ‘smarter’ and constantly driving growth.

The investments in technology coupled with an abundance of entrepreneurial spirit and sheer determination have seen Bentons Haulage land multiple large contracts and diversify into new areas at a time when other firms have struggled.

Regarding the recently added TruFleet software, Shane says, “There was a time when we kept a folder in the garage for every vehicle and all information, from maintenance intervals to defect reports, which would be hand-written on various forms. Now, using TruFleet, it’s all done using EPMI electronic documents which means we can quickly enter all information relating to each vehicle and driver without shuffling through reams of paperwork.”

Furthermore, explains Shane, “My team, my workshop and even my main dealer can quickly access the on-screen calendar events and vehicle history to see maintenance records, safety inspections, LOLER checks, defect reporting, MOTs, rectifications and audit checks – all at the click of a button, in real time and captured in easy-to-view digital format.”

“It keeps everyone on top of the job and everything is in one place,” enthuses Shane. “The drivers like it because of the daily safety checks app, TruChecks, and the mechanics like it because they can jump on any defects as they happen. Straight after install we started to reduce our VOR average and compliance control became simpler.”

“The system switches seamlessly between tachograph analysis, daily checks and maintenance calendars, so I have a 360-degree view of drivers and vehicles for planning, compliance and management. Plus, the interactive dashboards provide automatic alerts to remind everyone of upcoming events which means nothing gets missed and we maintain full control over every vehicle and driver.”

Operating over 100 vehicles – ranging from 7.5 tonne flatbeds to 44 tonners – the administration requirement is as diverse as the Bentons Haulage fleet itself and according to Shane, it was a huge daily challenge, just keeping the paperwork in order.

“I’m pleased to say this is no longer the case,” adds Shane. “The interactive TruFleet system keeps daily checks and all other information together, along with documentation and audit reports for future maintenance bookings.”

Shane continues, “Plus, to streamline document management, the system uploads and tags MOT certificates, safety inspection sheets and contracts for quick reference as and when required. Like the rest of the TruTac compliance control software, it makes it hard to put a foot wrong.”

Shane added that the service provided by TruTac had been extremely positive. “The support at TruTac is also amazing. They listen and care. I’ve suggested enhancements and often they’ll take them on board. It’s that reliability and support which we at Benton’s also pride ourselves on.”

Bentons Haulage is a member of the RHA and is FORS Silver Accredited. All the company’s modern vehicles are LEZ (low emission zone) and DVS compliant, with full telemetry and tracking.