BlueFinity launches ‘Seed App’ service to support Evoke app development


When companies decide to develop their first apps, they often have tight timescales and even tighter budgets. To meet these demands, many are now considering using a low-code app development platform.

One of the most pressing issue for companies approaching new app development is how to get started. How can their IT team deliver a high-quality app in the required timeframe and become familiar with a new development environment?

To solve this issue, BlueFinity, the company behind the Evoke low-code app development environment, has released a new ‘seed app’ service, which uses Evoke’s low-code development platform to create an app design that generates custom apps.

The service involves BlueFinity creating and delivering the initial menu system and screens of a made-to-order working app, based on their customers functional and technical requirements. Customers can then either choose to progress with the fast deployment of the app for live use or to use the delivered app design as the foundation for further customisation. The service is offered to users of Evoke at a low cost, single fee.


The seed app provides significant advantages and helps businesses achieve four main goals:

  • A working app design based on the company’s own requirements and developed entirely by the Evoke platform that forms the basis for the first of a company’s operational apps
  • A faster and more cost-effective process to creating the first app that meets those tight timescales and tighter budgets
  • A fast method for developers to become familiar with Evoke. The developer is presented with a functioning system with the Evoke design in place which they can develop further. This provides the developer with a clear and understandable example of how to use Evoke to obtain the functionality they require and are familiar with
  • A system that can be customized by the company’s own staff to meet the company’s exact business requirements and that can be adapted for future needs


All apps developed using Evoke  can be deployed on a wide variety of mobile and desktop devices and operating systems (including IOS, Android and Windows phones, tablets and watches, plus Windows, Apple and Linux desktops), as well as integrating with almost all types of SQL and MultiValue databases.

Malcolm Carroll, Director of BlueFinity said, “The new Seed App is ideal for companies who are new to app development, as it will enable them to create a fully working, mobile or web app (or both) very quickly and with minimal effort.  Evoke gives the developer complete flexibility to further customize the app and to reuse any existing code or libraries from the back-end.  Evoke is easy to learn and use which reduces the need for companies to use external resources to develop future apps, which will reduce costs.”

All customers receive an unrivalled level of support from BlueFinity through its Evoke Premium Support Package. This package provides them with a comprehensive range of familiarization and assistance sessions designed to take the new Evoke user from the initial installation of the Evoke Developer and ‘seed app,’ through to the successful deployment of their first live app.

Evoke is a low-code/no-code Rapid App Development Platform which provides for fast start up as well as unlimited customization and growth potential to support the future of your business. It allows businesses to design, develop and deploy adaptive business apps across multiple mobile and desktop devices using a company’s existing in-house skills and expertise, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Evoke supports the creation of professional business apps by companies of all sizes and diverse app requirements, from start-ups to the largest multi-national.