FM Conway Selects Planning & Fleet Utilisation Solutions from Microlise

Leading infrastructure services company FM Conway operates one of the largest privately-owned fleets in the UK, delivering vital services in transportation, the built environment and public realm. Partnering with network operators, local authorities and private clients, FM Conway helps them meet the needs of their customers, partners and communities.

In a move to continually innovate and manage their supply chain more efficiently, Microlise Fleet Telematics and Journey Management solutions have been deployed to support fuel economy and real-time planning for ‘next load’ across its fleet of over 220 vehicles.  An additional data solution will also provide FM Conway’s transport management team with real-time visibility of the fleet, highlighting which jobs have been completed, which vehicles are running late, and provide additional intelligence to allow the team to proactively manage any problems or issues as they arise.

Discussing how FM Conway are moving forward, Peter Parle, Senior Transport Manager at FM Conway, said: “We’re maintaining absolute focus on moving product rather than shuffling paperwork, and we believe that the Microlise solution will allow us to continue to innovate and improve the quality of our product and delivery solutions.

“We’re confident we will increase fleet utilisation and over time minimise supply chain challenges, as we improve our understanding of the real time location of the fleet vs plan, and secure better visibility of our delivery operations through the Microlise full Proof of Delivery (POD) product.”

Speaking about the recent win, Nadeem Raza, Microlise Chief Executive Officer said: “We are pleased to be providing FM Conway with additional tools to manage, monitor and positively impact on its operation and drive improved fleet efficiencies.

“Every customer we work with requires a fit-for-purpose solution, and we are delighted to support FM Conway in their unwavering commitment to increasing organisational capability and sustainability.”


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