EU Automation launches free educational podcast for manufacturing professionals


To add another tier of educational content to its website, automation parts supplier EU Automation has launched EUAudio, a free podcast on industrial automation and smart manufacturing, available on the company’s website and on all major audio streaming platforms. EUAudio enriches the company’s already vast offering of free learning content. This includes an online content zone, which is updated weekly, several videos and two downloadable e-books.

Each season of EUAudio contains three episodes that explore a specific manufacturing trend, challenge, or technological innovation. Several seasons are already online and more are scheduled to appear soon.

EUAudio addresses professionals in all sectors of manufacturing and covers a wide variety of industry topics, ranging from tips to quickly fix common issues on the factory floor, to broader overviews of industry trends. Manufacturing professionals can, for example, listen to expert advice on proactive obsolescence management, strategies to improve predictive maintenance, suggestions on the best industrial robot for their application, and much more. The podcast is currently available on EU Automation’s website, as well as on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Podcasts, and Podbean.

EU Automation is known to produce a variety of educational resources that professionals can consult for free. Since 2016, the company has published a trade magazine, AUTOMATED, which explores how industrial automation can benefit manufacturing. It also publishes weekly articles on manufacturing trends and top tips for industry professionals, available in five different languages. Recently, these articles have been collected into EU Automation’s Knowledge Hub, a platform where readers can explore these resources in a quick and easy way, browsing them by topic.

“Information overwhelm is a real problem in our industry,” explained Jonathan Wilkins, director at EU Automation. “Manufacturing professionals want to learn about cutting-edge technologies that might help them stay ahead of the competition, but they might not have the time to browse through an infinite number of resources to find what they need.

“That’s why EU Automation is providing them with a practical platform where they can find content that really meets their demands and that they can access anytime, anywhere, for free. We hope that this will help professionals in their decision-making processes and inspire them to strive for continuous innovation,” added Wilkins.

EU Automation has also made available for free download two books, BoOM – The Book of Obsolesce Management and 4.0 Sight. While the first explains how to proactively tackle components obsolescence, the second offers a global outlook of the fourth industrial revolution.

EUAudio is the latest addition to EU Automation’s efforts to provide high-quality resources for online learning. The podcast is ideal for busy manufacturing professionals, who can listen to carefully curated educational content while commuting to the factory or even on their way to a meeting.

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