Eurotech achieves IoT security certification


Eurotech, a leading supplier of hardware and software components to develop and deploy edge computing and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has announced its Multi-service IoT Edge Gateway, ReliaGATE 10-14 and Everyware Software Framework have been PSA Certified Level 1. This independent IoT security certification offers customers and partners standards-based compliance and will help organizations overcome barriers to global IoT adoption.

As the number of connected devices around the world increases, so too do IoT security concerns. An average of 5,400 attacks per month and seven million data records are compromised each day on IoT networks. The PSA Certified standard, originally created by Arm, helps to deliver trust between IoT services and devices to reduce the risk of security breaches.

Eurotech’s ReliaGATE 10-14 IoT Edge gateway and IoT Edge Framework, ESF, have both achieved the PSA Certified Level 1. This certification provides assurance to users and OEMs of Eurotech’s robust and effective security features and proven edge technologies for effective IoT environments.

“Innovation across the industrial IoT is resulting in new levels of automation and smart manufacturing, however these devices must be built securely from the ground up,” said Andy Rose, chief system architect and fellow at Arm. “The certification of Eurotech’s IoT Edge gateway, which is built on Arm and its IoT Edge Framework, provides customers with independent assurance of security best practice, while enabling more secure IoT devices to be deployed for industrial applications”.

“This certification highlights Eurotech’s commitment towards providing IoT building blocks compliant with the latest cybersecurity requirements and regulations,” commented Marco Carrer, Eurotech’s CTO. “We are very proud of having achieved the PSA Certified Level 1 and being able to offer trusted IoT solutions with a designed-in security approach. PSA Certified Level 1 is an important milestone of the Eurotech IoT security roadmap and another step towards the IEC 62443-4-1 and IEC 62443-4-2 certifications”.

The scheme is ideal for organizations looking accelerate their plans for automation and digital transformation. They can now chose PSA Certified IoT devices and prevent putting their business at risk of a security breach.

PSA Certified is now a global partnership between Arm Holdings, Brightsight, CAICT, Prove & Run, Riscure, TrustCB and UL.