Factors to consider when buying your first welding machine


In recent times several people are taking up welding seriously and not just as a hobby, proving how exciting this trade can be. A collection of helpful DIY videos, tutorials and a fascinating range of welding tools and accessories have, together, made it possible for welding enthusiasts to make their dreams come true.

For instance, consider the fantastic Cobot Welding Tool – an absolute must-have for aspiring welders. The tool is ergonomic, reasonably priced, and can be operated by anyone without programming experience.

Invariably, tools like these can help you get an exhilarating start to a career of making fabulous items. But if you are yet to buy your first tool, the following points can help guide you in the right direction.

  • Consider the metal you wish to work with

Many beginners may not know that welding is often only done with carbon steel, as it is highly compatible with most machines and can withstand excess heat.

However, several folks work with other metals such as brass, cast iron, copper, aluminum alloy, etc. Therefore, you will need to purchase a suitable machine available in the welding market depending on the metal and its thickness.

Also, note that you might have to change the process to suit the specific metal and work conditions. For example, stick welding is better for outdoor working on bulky, thickset metals.

  • Analyze the features

Browsing through the features list is critical to understanding  everything about a machine before buying it. If you do not understand welding vernacular, consult with an expert and get them to explain the fundamental parts to you.

So, find out details such as the amount of work a machine can do in a couple of minutes and the gas requirements, among other things. Typically, the dealer who sells you the device should be able to provide the essential gasses and other accessories too.

  • Address amperage and workspace

If you work with thick metals, you will need a tool that can effectively generate more power to weld the item correctly. In contrast, a thin metal requires a machine that can create just enough heat for it to meld.

You should consider how much current a machine can generate before purchasing it. For example, you will need a high-power TIG welder to work on auto body parts with a thickness level of approximately 4/16 inches.

Moreover, it is crucial to pick a safe and ergonomic work spot with a quick, seamless voltage supply. So, if you plan to work indoors, ensure you have enough space and the electricity supply to fulfill this requirement.

  • Purchase from a reputable dealer

Whether you wish to purchase the popular Cobot Welding Tool or other accessories, obtaining them from a trustworthy retailer is pivotal. You can find several of them online, showcasing their product catalog, services, testimonials, and additional critical information on the website.

It will help ensure you have a high-quality product in hand, besides being able to shop for a wide range of other exciting welding equipment.

If you operate a business, a few dealers may even partner with you, enabling you to receive a steady supply of tools, gasses, and other essential items to keep going successfully. Therefore, look for a dealer with good experience, a solid reputation, and a dependable customer base.