GOLDEN ABC invests in the Philippines’ largest & most advanced omni-channel shopping experience with Aptos


Golden ABC Inc., one of the leading fashion retailers in the Philippines and home to brands Penshoppe, OXGN, Regatta, ForMe, Memo, and BOCU – today announced that it will expand its partnership with Aptos, a recognised market leader in retail technology solutions, to cultivate advanced omni channel growth.

The expanded partnership between the two international entities, which was finalised on April 14, is set to carry out the most extensive, progressive, and ambitious strategy for end-to-end retail operations and customer engagement, as GOLDEN ABC continues to strive for its customers’ seamless shopping experience across all of its brands.

“This [partnership] epitomises what has always been our top priority: our customers’ experience. Our service to them is a steadfast commitment, and that entails constantly finding new and innovative ways to ensure that their needs are always met,” said Mr. Bernie Liu, Chief Executive Officer of GOLDEN ABC.

With its latest technology investment, GOLDEN ABC will manage with Aptos nearly every aspect of its retail operations — from merchandise planning across channels, to how orders are collected and fulfilled, to how shoppers are served and engaged.

“GOLDEN ABC is a company that continues to reach new heights in operational excellence as it expands its domestic and international presence,” said Steve Towe, Aptos President and COO. “With Aptos’ modern retail solutions, this award-winning and inspiring retailer will provide its customers with the seamless omni channel experiences they are looking for and create a strong foundation for future growth.”

The partnership expansion comes at a time when consumers’ shopping behaviours have shifted to a more digital pattern, leading to changes in expectations pertaining to convenience, but GOLDEN ABC is no stranger to trying times.

“GOLDEN ABC has always been forged in fire,” Mr. Liu continued. “If you look at the history of GOLDEN ABC, we’ve always taken bold steps during the most difficult of times.”

With Aptos’ advanced omni channel solutions, GOLDEN ABC can constantly meet and exceed shoppers’ expectations and preferences, no matter how ever-changing and unpredictable they are.

“With the onset of the pandemic, consumers have become even more digitally connected, driving an acceleration of online retailing,” GOLDEN ABC Chief Retail Officer Ms. Alice Liu said. “With Aptos Enterprise Order Management, we can offer flexible fulfilment options that increase convenience for our customers.”

In addition to Aptos’ cloud-based order management system, GOLDEN ABC will deploy the Aptos Store point of sale solution and Aptos CRM. With these feature-rich applications, GOLDEN ABC can offer more informed interactions, faster checkouts and individualized customer engagement.

GOLDEN ABC aims to continue to adapt and thrive in the digital age, now more than ever — always moving forward and innovating, all the while remaining true to its promise of greatness.