Hackers will be searching for Black Friday steals too this weekend


With crime over Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year defrauding online shoppers in the UK of some £2.5 million, consumers must be extra vigilant this weekend. Retailers must be too – with the NCSC warning over 4,000 small businesses customer details have been stolen by online credit card skimmers.

It’s not just consumers looking for deals this Black Friday, hackers are also searching for their Black Friday steals: your personal information and data. Black Friday scammers capitalise on the time sensitive nature of sales. If you think a deal is too good to be true, then it probably is. Stop and think before you input your card details, as it will protect you and your money in the long run.

Organisations should take care too. Staff should be trained to exercise extreme caution when it comes to suspicious emails, as the repercussions of a phishing email could cause serious reputational damage.”