Harman Haulage gets the job done with Mandata management solution


Newark-based Harman Haulage have recently signed up for Mandata’s new job management system and say the company, has cut job planning and invoicing time by more than half in the first two months.

Mandata Now is a cloud-based job management tool designed specifically for smaller haulage companies to help plan jobs and allocate them to vehicles and drivers. The system updates job progress manually or uses Mandata’s ePOD solution to get real time updates from drivers. Once the job is complete, an invoice can be raised and emailed to the customer.

Director, Luke Saywell explains:

“We needed a solution that would help organise our haulage company. One system that would allow us to book and price jobs, plan and allocate them to my vehicles and drivers with the ability to send them the work by email or phone – or even print them. When the work had been done, we wanted to be able to scan in the POD and save it in the same system so it could be emailed to the customer with the invoice as well as being stored and most importantly, remain organised.”

With a mixed fleet of general haulage vehicles using the system and working on homecare, furniture and retail returns, Harman Haulage operates mainly in the Nottinghamshire area but also handles work for a number of customers throughout the UK.

“Managing numerous customers and jobs is no longer a problem.” Says Luke. “we can store all my customers in the system – including their individual invoicing requirements, as well as my regularly visited locations, so booking jobs in has never been easier or quicker. Invoicing used to take accounts at least half a day and tasks that used to take half an hour, now only take 5 minutes and the system does all the invoicing in seconds.”

Available on free trial for the first month, Mandata Now requires no formal training or set up and users can be up and running in minutes. They can add, plan and allocate jobs to vehicles and drivers, while updating job progress manually or by using Mandata’s e-pod solution (available for an additional subscription), for real time updates from drivers.

“It took about a day to get things put in” adds Luke Saywell, “and we were up and running shortly after that. No question, the pay-as-you-go monthly subscription more than pays for itself and certainly takes the hassle out of my working day!”

According to Harman Haulage, the new software tool cuts down errors, reduces delays, improves efficiency and generally makes life a lot easier for owner-drivers. With the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere the system gives them the freedom to stay on top of tasks wherever they are.

Anyone interested in signing up for the Now system can visit Mandata’s website www.mandata.co.uk/our-solutions/now