HighJump Showcases Future of Supply Chain Simulation & Design for Material Handling at ProMat 2019


HighJump, a global provider of supply chain solutions, today unveils the latest for warehousing and logistics simulation and design possible through HighJump CLASS. Uniquely enabling end users to assess facility throughput and consider next-generation technologies and strategies to meet demands, HighJump CLASS empowers businesses worldwide to stay ahead of the curve with the connected, automated supply chain of the future.

“The supply chain is in a new ‘digital life cycle’,” said Sean Elliott, chief technology officer at HighJump.  “Long-term facility designs create challenges for an increasingly complex supply chain. Throughput and capacity, and the staffing or automation plans that back them, must be continually re-evaluated to align with market expectations and emerging business strategies. Designed from more than 25 years of successful global deployments, HighJump CLASS unveils how businesses can and should digitally transform workflows for the future of supply chain.”

Simply fulfilling demand is no longer enough. Expectations for purchasing convenience, delivery speed, choice, and adaptability are rising. Businesses must make smarter, faster decisions to stay competitive. Crucial to this is enhancing existing and strategically planning the design of new facilities to meet demands now and beyond. HighJump CLASS makes this possible.

HighJump CLASS provides a virtual world for warehouse layout design and modelling to optimize the flow of goods. End users can tap into the capabilities of HighJump CLASS on their own, whenever needed. Businesses can evaluate future capacity requirements and the best technology choices for their needs – whether fixed automation like conveyors, flexible, next-generation digital technologies such as autonomous mobile robots, or workforce-enabling solutions like voice.  With HighJump CLASS, businesses have quantifiable metrics to anticipate how to handle new business models, a shrinking workforce, peak seasons, and any other financial or organizational requirements. As a result, businesses achieve the adaptability and visibility to seamlessly and incrementally scale to meet their goals.

“The warehouse of tomorrow looks quite different than it did yesterday,” says Victoria Brown, research director of global supply chain at IDC. “From the infrastructure within the facility, to the technologies and automation that positions and moves goods down to the dynamic flow of the goods and people in these facilities – it is inherently different because of the shift from primarily bulk distribution to the mixed-use needs of case and eaches level distribution. Giving the operations manager the ability to pre-emptively identify changes, challenges, and bottlenecks saves them time, labor, and headaches while keeping their business running at an optimized state.”

HighJump CLASS is available as a standalone solution or an add-on for the suite of HighJump warehouse management systems (WMS). This is one of many recent strategic shifts from HighJump, including the launch of the HighJump Warehouse Control System and HighJump Now, HighJump’s initiative to strengthen supply chains worldwide with the cloud.

ProMat attendees can discuss this further with HighJump experts at stand #S4572, April 8-11, 2019 at the McCormick Place in Chicago.