Ways To Protect Your Data Before Disaster Strikes

There is no doubt about the fact that data is an important entity in the modern era. Businesses and companies no matter big or small have to make sure that their data is protected and safeguarded. Therefore, the terms like cybersecurity and data protection can be heard quite often.

Data loss or theft is a serious issue that can cause irreparable damage not only to the company but also to the customers and other stakeholders associated with the company. Therefore, every responsible business makes sure that data protection measures are in place.

As they say “prevention is better than cure”, the case with data handling and data theft is quite similar. No matter how cautious you may be, there is still a risk that your data may be exposed to some risks. To make sure that you are prepared to tackle any disaster, measures and protocols should be adapted beforehand.

Here are some tried and tested ways according to IT consulting through which you can ensure your data remains protected before any disaster strikes:

Backup Your Data:

Enough stress cannot be laid on the significance of data backup. Data backup is the best way to deal with any sort of threat to your business’s data. There are two main types of threat to any data, Firstly, it can get stolen. Secondly, someone can tamper with the data.

Backing up the data can help deal with both these situations. When data is backed up, copies of data are created which are then stored at a place other than the main storage. The backup storage is generally chosen off site so that even if the main memory onsite gets compromised, security for the backup memory storage space can be assured.

Opt For Cloud Storage:

Cloud storage is undoubtedly the latest trend and development in the IT industry. Many businesses and companies are now seriously thinking about transitioning towards and making use of cloud storage services.

Other than serving as the main storage, cloud storage can also be used as a backup data storage. Even when used as the main storage space, it is a great step towards data protection because the risk of data theft is considerably lesser when it is stored on cloud based platforms.

Another perk of using cloud storage is the fact that it is not prone to physical threats. Short Circuits, fires, natural disasters etc. may damage a physical storage space causing data loss but this is not the case when data is stored on a cloud based storage platform.

Implement Access Control:

The fact that data is an important entity does not need any explanation. As a company, you should make sure that a strong firewall is built around your data. Not everyone should be able to access company data.

Access control should be implemented so that only the relevant personnel can reach and access the data. Two factor authentication is a great option. Through the two factor authentication, you can make sure that the person who is trying to reach the data is authenticated.

Access control not only protects the data from internal attacks but it builds a strong fort around the data which is hard to trespass by external extruders and attackers as well.

Maintain Data Log:

Enough stress cannot be laid on the significance of maintaining a data log. Data log is basically like a spreadsheet that keeps track of everyone who has accessed the data. Any change that has been made to the data is also registered inside the log.

Since the log comes with a time and date stamp, it is always easy to track back the changes and have a look at all the changes that have been made to the data. In some cases, the data log also maintains copies to old data through which can easily be accessed in case some unwanted change has been made to the data.

According to the IT services Los Angeles, data log maintenance is a proven way of recovering data if it has been tampered with. Another plus is the fact that the person who made the changes to the data or accessed it is also mentioned in the log. Therefore, the person responsible for the disaster can always be tracked down and held accountable.

Provide Company Computers:

One of the most common reasons company and business data is exposed to threats is because companies don’t provide the employees with registered computers. As a result, the employees have to bring their own devices to work. When these devices are given access to the data, companies end up putting their sensitive information at risk.

The companies featuring this policy do not have strong firewalls that protect the data. This is done because the companies have to provide data access to a large number of computers and devices. As a result, the data is left vulnerable and anyone can make use of this loophole to access, steal and damage company data.

Hire IT Services:

If you have a good IT Support Los Angeles on board, half of your data theft related worries will be taken off of your shoulders. A good IT Support company provides commendable data storage and protection services. As a result, the company’s data is safeguarded and the risk of any sort of theft or data damage is reduced by a significant factor. Therefore, rather than trying to implement data security protocols yourself, invest in hiring a reputable and trustworthy Managed IT Provider that can help you in this regard.


Umer Siddique, the author and marketing manager of AllsafeIT is a technical expert and a content creator, among other works, and he lives in Los Angeles, California.



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