How businesses can weather the Brexit storm

As the UK prepares to officially leave the EU within hours, Razat Gaurav, CEO of Llamasoft, told IT Supply Chain how he believes businesses can weather the Brexit storm – and what steps they can take to make their supply chain a strategic business advantage rather than a headache.

“Last year, 54% of European manufacturers said they would change their supply chain design as a direct result of Brexit. The majority (86%) of global manufacturers agreed that software would play an important role in protecting against disruption, but there are still barriers that stand in their way.

 “Planning for multiple eventualities is a business imperative now that we’ve hit the Brexit deadline. In an age where never normal is the new normal, businesses must prepare themselves for multiple outcomes – especially those they don’t expect. 

 “Advanced scenario planning, access to data from across the extended supply chain, and the ability to harness data science and algorithms is vital to make this a strategic business advantage for businesses. Armed with a new approach, leaders no longer need to be hamstrung by uncertainty, they can accelerate and automate decisions, predict outcomes and prescribe the best actions. It’s time to empower leaders with the confidence to drive productive and efficient change.”


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