How Brexit will impact the Government’s digital transformation plans

This government and Brexit are inextricably linked. With a path forward now set, Government and public services can once again start planning for the medium and long term. This next chapter provides an opportunity to achieve ‘more than’ EU regulatory base lines – becoming independent leaders in delivering public services intelligently, securely, and holistically, with technology at its core. 

Brexit could also enable new agility. While EU consumer protections such as GDPR and e-Privacy remain incredibly important, public sector businesses also need to focus on what barriers to innovation we can break down to meet the changing needs of our growing population. The UK must now gain the trust of its people and the world by leading with integrity, publically agreed consumer protections, and innovation.

Data – how it is managed and the services it delivers – sits at the core of making a success of Brexit. We ask that Government take the time to choose the right digital infrastructure for the right situation. Its journey to the cloud certainly has and continues to have its advantages, however the reality is that not all clouds are created equal. For our public services to flourish they need the flexibly to place and access data in the right place at the right time.


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