How low code/no code development can overcome the toughest barriers to digital transformation


An interesting new research study entitled, ‘Large Enterprises Succeeding with Low-Code’ from Forrester has found that 84% of firms with the highest enterprise requirements use low-code development and 100% of low-code enterprises have received ROI from their low-code adoption.

254 IT and business decision makers in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia participated in the research and were asked to evaluate their expectations and experiences of using low-code development platforms for enterprise-scale applications.

Forrester’s research highlighted that large enterprises are acutely challenged in transforming themselves into digital businesses due to constraints in their ability to develop software applications.  This is leading companies with the highest enterprise requirements to turn to low-code development platforms to accelerate development, reduce IT resource strain, and improve collaboration across business lines.

Forrester says this confirms that low code has the power to overcome the toughest barriers to successful digital transformation.

Other key findings include the fact that low code accelerates app development – providing the speed that companies need. It also helps improve a company’s existing IT capabilities, helps firms innovate their products and services, and to become more agile as a business.

The research also found that firms with the lowest tolerance for downtime and data loss, as well as the strongest requirements for continuous auditing and independent security certification, are the most likely to run top applications on low code.

Companies are also using low code to build complex business logic. While many firms use custom code to build applications for complex business logic today, they’re eager to build on the success that low-code development has brought to other parts of the business. This means that in the future, enterprises will likely deploy low-code, rather than custom code, to run these business-critical applications.

Low code is revolutionising the app development market. Our low-code development platform, Evoke facilitates the creation of professional business apps for companies of sizes and diverse requirements, from start-ups to the largest multi-nationals.

Evoke’s advanced development platform can support the development of apps in both a no-code or low-code environment. It allows users to create web, hybrid and genuinely native apps, (as it provides for the automated generation of complete visual studio and xamarin projects) making it suitable for all, from citizen developers through to professional IT departments. The platform integrates and and synchronizes with existing back-end systems and SQL and MultiValue databases.

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