Messina Line Expands Use of Navis’ Master Terminal with Go Live at IML – Milano Segrate Inland Terminal


Navis, the provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for leading organizations throughout the global shipping industry, announced that it has gone live with Master Terminal by Navis at Inter Modal Logistic (IML) Milano Segrate Terminal (Ignazio Messina & C SpA), a long-time Master Terminal customer. Milano Segrate is in the process of upgrading its inland and intermodal terminals to integrate with Intermodal Marine Terminal in the Port of Genoa which has operated on the TOS for more than 10 years. IML – Milano Segrate is Messina’s first intermodal terminal to go live on Master Terminal with future plans to expand to the Vicenza and Dinazzano inland terminals.

IML – Milano Segrate, an intermodal container depot that operates at 100,000 TEU annually, receives cargo from Genoa by train and distributes across Belgium, Holland, Germany and southern Italy. Having direct connectivity with and operating on the same system as its Genoa facility allows the Milano team to better track operations, gain better control over yard and terminal handling moves, optimize storage planning and scale EDI capabilities across multiple Messina terminals.

The three-month implementation was aided by staffers at the Genoa terminal who spearheaded training for gate clerks, yard supervisors, and yard planners at Milano alongside Navis who provided advanced training and go-live support.

“Our Milano team was relying on manual spreadsheets for storage planning and had challenges tracking containers before we implemented Master Terminal,” said Ignazio Messina, CEO of Ignazio Messina & C. SpA. “Shipping and logistics need integrated IT solutions like Master Terminal to address inefficiencies. It offers a commercial advantage that we look forward to adding throughout our company to gain the same insights we have in Milano and Genoa.”

The Master Terminal operating system provides an integrated, real-time view of all operations and data at any marine or inland terminal to enhance productivity and operational efficiency via data-driven decision-making. The customizable operating system helps manage general and mixed cargo with intermodal capabilities.

“Since Genoa was already using Master Terminal, it was a quick and seamless implementation in Milano,” said Jacques Marchetti, General Manager, EMEA at Navis. “Improving yard operations was one of the biggest priorities on this project and as Messina terminals continue to integrate Master Terminal, crews will become even more efficient.”

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