How to Write a Perfect Mobile App Description?


Writing the app store description is not the easiest task. As you name the boat, so shall it float. This saying works wherever text should perform a selling function.

Therefore, if you have to make a description app that will work, then you should know that this is something more than text preparation. Today we’ll look at 5 tips with which your description will catch consumers and increase conversion rates.


Prewriting Tips That Will Help

Before you start writing a description of the application, you have to answer the following points:

  • Application Name: Choose a name that will catch the audience.

  • What your application is about: Create a short note about what your app is about. Here you need to describe all the key points.

  • What problem is application solving? Each app should solve a specific problem. Describe the problem and how the application solves it.

  • Why should users use the app? Write one exact reason that would become a driving factor for downloading the application.


As soon as you make such a plan, you will have an understanding of the main characteristics of your application that will be of interest to the audience. Not all users are interested in reading the technical specifications in the description. The description is more about creativity.

Now that the main points are indicated, we can proceed to our tips that will help to make a stunning description.


1. Spying On Competitors

Before you continue working on the description, you need to see how your main competitors coped with this task. Look at their descriptions as app description examples from a consumer perspective! Only in this way you can determine what catches and what is best avoided.

Write down what you like and what you don’t like. The most important thing is to do it from the point of view of the consumer and not the developer. If such a task seems to you very difficult, ask a friend to help in this matter. The main thing is that such a friend should be far from app development.


2. Working on Introduction

You won’t believe it, but this is exactly the part that will decide whether your app will be downloaded or not. The first three sentences influence the decision the user will make. Therefore, this is the first thing you need to bring to perfect condition.

You can play with the pain of people. That is, it is necessary to present the problem in such a way that each reader’s eyes light up and the thought “this is exactly about me” revolved in their heads.

This is the most difficult part of the work, as it requires special copywriting skills. If you cannot make a stunning introduction, you may Online Writers Rating  custom writing services review platform to get professional insights.


3. Win On Uniqueness

Most likely your application has something that is not found in others. But here, too, there is a difficulty in defining such a feature. Since the creators usually try to note the technical specifications. To look at the app through the eyes of many consumers, you need an independent person.

Ask a friend to look at your application and highlight the main features. Now that you have a list of key features, you can begin to disclose each of them. Or you can choose one prevailing factor and focus on it.


4. Make Text Clear

Many say if a five-year-old child and grandparents do not understand what is meant in your text, then no one will understand the text. Therefore, when writing a description, you need to make it so simple that both children and old people can understand what is at stake.

Try to use technical words as little as possible. And as practice shows, if the creator of the application writes a description on his own, then it looks like a set of technical terms that are understandable only to those who are experts in this field.

You may think that with such a way you miss the essence of the application, but this is not so. If you want to increase the level of conversion and promote your app, you will have to become creative at least for the period of working with the text.


5. Create the Right Visual Design

In addition to the semantic load of the text, you need to take care of the text design. Remember that most users do not want to read huge text and sentences on three lines. The text should not cause stress not only in terms of content but also in visual presentation. Here are the key recommendations:

  • Follow the structure like an essay that you have probably come across more than once (but don’t complicate it).

  • Make sentences short and concise.

  • Make paragraphs every three to four sentences.

  • Use bullet points when listing key features.


These are the main recommendations that you should definitely use if you want to achieve readability.


The Final Thoughts

If you think that the app description is not important, then most likely now everything has changed. It’s vital to pay attention to the description so as not to spend hundreds of dollars on additional advertising and other marketing activities.

You can do it yourself or you can turn to specialists who will help to create texts that sell. In any case, you need to take this time and put off the rush. Use our tips and you will succeed!


Melissa Mauro is a self-improvement author who is always interested in new projects. She wants to create her own writer brand, that’s why Melissa is looking for fresh platforms for the implementation of her ideas. Creativity and unique style make it possible to deliver valuable and engaging content to her ideal reader.