Sungard Availability Services Partners with Megaport to Deliver Solutions for Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Infrastructures


Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS), a leading provider of highly-available, cloud connected infrastructure in North America and Europe, and Megaport, a global leader in Network as a Service (NaaS) providers, today announced a new partnership that will enable Sungard AS data centres worldwide with Software-Defined Cloud Interconnection (SDCI) capabilities. These Connected Infrastructure Hubs offer on-demand, scalable and secure connectivity to the world’s leading cloud providers, as well as top-tier data centres around the world, to support hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Enterprises are increasingly operating in complex and diverse environments—87% of organisations have a hybrid cloud strategy, while 93% have a multi-cloud strategy with an average of five clouds, according to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report. At the same time, customer demands on application performance has never been higher. All of which adds pressure on network architecture and performance. Sungard AS’ Connected Infrastructure Hubs, premier data centres enabled with Megaport’s platform, deliver high-performance, low-latency connectivity to more than 350 service providers, including the world’s leading cloud platforms, and access to more than 80 cloud regions from a single data centre. That allows organisations to further optimise application performance by streamlining their hybrid IT and multi-cloud landscape.

“A business’s success hinges not on any one application, but on ensuring all applications work reliably together across multiple environments while remaining highly-available,” said Jim Paterson, Executive Vice President, Global Products and Technology at Sungard AS. “By combining Sungard AS’ world-class expertise in infrastructure, cloud, recovery and workplace solutions, with Megaport’s industry-leading network capabilities, our customers gain the connectivity, flexibility and cloud-like network experience they need to meet the growing demands on applications, network architecture and performance while accelerating growth.”

The Megaport Software Defined Network provides greater choice and ease of use for provisioning cloud connectivity and enables predictable, low-latency connections that improve application performance. Businesses can scale bandwidth up and down on-demand, and connect physical and private cloud infrastructure to multiple public cloud providers to support hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. Additionally, Megaport enables cloud-to-cloud connectivity through point and click provisioning, making it possible to move workloads and data between public cloud providers. Traffic flows over a secure, private Layer 2 network for increased security, ensuring it never traverses the open internet and can be encrypted over the network. In addition, customers can enable fault-tolerant and highly available redundant Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to eliminate single points of failure.

“Connectivity is a critical consideration for building cloud architectures that perform and scale,” said Matt Simpson, Vice President of Cloud at Megaport. “Using Megaport’s platform to bypass the public internet and directly connect to public cloud services improves application performance by reducing latency and jitter. Customers can configure on-demand connections to service providers in a point-and-click manner so they can respond to changing business demands in real time. Our SDN, combined with Sungard AS’ highly available hybrid solutions, will help customers unlock the full value of cloud-enabled IT architectures.”

Prospective customers benefit most from attaching to the Megaport network when addressing the challenge of siloed applications across distributed environments and clouds.

This may include companies employing a colocation-to-cloud solution where they are currently deploying a customer-built or Sungard AS-managed private cloud solution and are moving workloads to or from a public cloud provider. Sungard AS also offers extensive consulting services to help customers determine the best approach to meet the needs of their business today and well into the future.

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