Huida Sanitary Ware Digitizes Operations with Infor for Business Efficiency


Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced that Huida Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. has rolled out Infor LN, an ERP solution purpose-built for manufacturers, allowing enterprise users to gain the visibility they need to quickly respond to customer, supplier, and regulatory needs—with zero software customizations. The move has enabled comprehensive standardization of business processes for Huida and ten of its subsidiaries so far, helping the company reduce total cost of ownership (ToC) as well as improve decision-making.

After the go-live, Huida’s fiscal year-end closing time has been reduced from 15 days to just 3 days (an 80% boost to productivity), and production order evaluation time has been reduced from 1 day to just 1 hour (a 96% boost to productivity), while warehousing costs have been brought down by 13%.

The announcement took place at a media visit to Huida’s operations in Chongqing, where Huida, Infor and the Chongqing CIO Association hosted an exclusive event titled “Getting to Know Huida” to share the company’s digital transformation experience.

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Streamlining fragmented operations with Infor

As a manufacturer of sanitary wares, Huida’s main business comprises ceramics, intelligent bathroom accessories, unit bathrooms, bathroom hardware, furniture, bathtubs, shower rooms, cistern fittings and tile. Huida’s China retail network spans the country with more than 2,394 brand stores and 473 sub-brand stores. The brand also operates in more than 70 countries and regions internationally.

Prior to the Infor LN go-live, Huida faced a slew of challenges, including management of the multiple companies that comprise the larger group, inaccurate business data and outdated systems that were unable to meet current or future needs. The 18 companies that make up the Huida Group all had their own independent management strategies, and there was a lack of synergy between them, generating waste in terms of efficiency and overheads when companies needed to come together to co-produce products.


Go-live business outcomes

Huida is already deriving tremendous business benefits from the Infor LN rollout:

  • Standardization of end-to-end businesses processes across multi-company boundaries, thus improving the flow of information between formerly disparate entities
  • Provision of accurate feedback and data to allow the group to streamline management operations

“Infor has more cost-effective advantages and its overall cost of ownership is minimized,” said Chen Yabing, general manager of Huida Sanitary Ware Information Center. “In the initial stage of project implementation, cost is a key factor for enterprises to consider. In the process of using, it is felt that the operation interface of Infor is friendly and easy to produce affinity. After the standardization of the whole business process, the degree of information flow within the enterprise has been improved, the information has been fast, and the accurate feedback has also been improved. Huida built the ERP system into the core of the whole information system of the group, through which the upstream and downstream supply chain was connected, so that the management of the enterprise was more accurate and comprehensive.”


Growing into the future with Infor

Moving forward, Huida plans to leverage Infor LN to continue to streamline the outdated operational models that slowed the company down using its old management tools. Huida plans to build out an ERP system that will see it through its business transformation now and well into the future.

“We are happy to provide solutions that empower companies and groups like Huida to optimize costs, streamline operations and realize productivity gains,” said Becky Xie, vice president & managing director of Infor Greater China & Korea. “I am confident that beyond the short-term results, which already have been achieved, Infor will see Huida through even greater long-term successes moving forward. This is the Infor advantage that our purpose-built, industry-specific CloudSuites bring to the table.”