iBASEt Announces Model-Based Enterprise Offering


iBASEt, the company that simplifies how complex products are built and maintained, today announced the launch of a Model-based Enterprise (MBE) offering that can accelerate a manufacturer’s Industry 4.0 journey. The first version, based on Solumina iSeries i050, provides a way for manufacturers to start operating as a ”Validated, Model-Centric” enterprise, as referenced at the Model-Based Enterprise Summit that was hosted March 31-April 2, 2020.

Manufacturers challenged with intelligent change management are implementing model-based programs to extend model-data connectivity between engineering and manufacturing operations. Companies can’t easily capture this relevant data, which often requires manual inputs or duplicate work, to generate digital continuity or a digital thread. iBASEt’s MBE offering overcomes these challenges by easing how this data is shared between design and manufacturing to simplify the complexities caused by design changes inherent in model-based engineering.

NIST has provided guidance on how an MBE strategy can yield substantial business value by:

  • Pursuing new revenue opportunities, such as offering manufacturing-as-a-service
  • Lowering business risk by agility when shifting to serve different industry sectors
  • Reducing costs with more on-demand, pull business processes, such as those in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations

“Manufacturers are looking to become more resilient in today’s uncertain world. This objective has now become mission-critical, with the pandemic and ongoing supply chain and business disruptions,” said Julie Fraser, Vice President of Research for Operations and Manufacturing at Tech-Clarity. “A structured MBE program can move companies toward greater efficiency, quality, and reliability – even those manufacturers with limited IT resources and budget.”

“iBASEt is pleased to launch this new MBE offering, which underscores our knowledge and commitment to leading customers on their Industry 4.0 journey,” said Naveen Poonian, CEO, iBASEt. “Whether it’s enterprise manufacturers challenged with picking the right partner, or midsized manufacturers implementing an agile strategy, we look forward to guiding each of our customers to achieve these goals.”

iBASEt’s iSeries-based solutions are built on a microservices, cloud-native architecture, which provides a better approach for manufacturers to advance their Industry 4.0 strategy. This MBE offering can accelerate the realization of becoming a data-driven business void of paper-based or manual processes.