UK and US join forces to strike back in cyber-space


Fleming from GCHQ and Nakasone from the USA’s NSA met to address how both nations today face strategic threats in an interconnected, digital world that seek to undermine their shared principles, norms, and values. They agree that strategic engagement in cyber-space is crucial to defending our way of life, by addressing these evolving threats with a full range of capabilities.

Whether it’s elections, tariffs or natural disasters, countries currently tend to operate independently. However, the cyber landscape, with its non-existent borders and limitless boundaries, is forcing us to work together in new ways.

Today’s announcement highlights a growing need for public and private sectors around the world to work together to detect, defend and dissipate the rising volume and ferocity of cyberattacks. Countries and organizations alike must prioritize the protection of their critical infrastructure, elections, energy supply chains, intellectual property and financial systems from those seeking to exploit them in this cyber arms race.