iDTRONIC‘s RFID HANDHELD C4 RED – Unique on the market: Certified for SOTI MobiControl Communications


The RFID Handheld C4 Red from the leading manufacturer iDTRONIC Professional RFID is now available with SOTI Certification. SOTI MobiControl is an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution. The SOTI MobiControl System is intended to simplify the management of our C4 Red. The aim is to reduce the complexity and costs of mobility management for companies.



The compact and robust RFID Handheld C4 Red is available in different RFID Standards: UHF, HF, LEGIC and LF. Optionally the RFID Handheld can be equipped with an 1D or 2D Barcode Scanner. The RFID Handheld is provided with the Operating System Android 7.0.



We offer our customers a further benefit in the fast & optimal implementation of applications through the interaction of iDTRONIC’s hardware and the SOTI solution.




  • Immediately Ready for Use: Consistent Device Provisioning for your Staff

The App surface of SOTI works like an App Store. This app can be used to manage access data or control content on all devices. A provisioning server accesses the database in the MobiControl Agent and sends the set configurations directly to all devices to be equipped. The C4 Red devices for your employees can be set up simultaneously and in parallel according to the company’s mobility guidelines. This makes it easier to manage and equip multiple mobile devices.

  • Remote Support in Case of Problems with the Devices

Integrated productivity tools and remote support capabilities can reduce employee downtime due to faulty devices. Remote support features such as remote viewing/control, file synchronization and 2-way chat instantly resolve device and application issues via remote maintenance.

  • Integrated CMS Solution and Intranet Security

You can use a complete suite of tools to manage mobile content and applications with SOTI MobiControl. Company files can be saved on the device with the SOTI Hub content management solution. Regardless of whether the files are in the cloud or in the internal corporate network. SOTI offers an integrated solution for securing and controlling access authorizations to the intranet: SOTI SURF blocks unauthorized access to unapproved websites for intranet security.



 The C4 Red is equipped with the Android Studio and Android Eclipse environment. The included Software Development Kit allows an easy connection to your existing systems.


Do you need your own firmware for your application?

iDTRONIC offers customized firmware adaptations on request.

► Software Development Kit: Download


The following accessories are available for the C4 Red:

  • Data Cable, Charging Cable and Power Supply
  • Ergonomical Pistol Grip
  • 500 mAh Spare Battery
  • 000 mAh Battery
  • Charging Cradle
  • Case