IEWC Partners with Redwood Logistics to Optimize Transportation Management System


Redwood, one of the fastest growing Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) providers in North America, today announced the results of its partnership with IEWC, a renowned global distributor of wire and cable products. Partnering with Redwood is a part of IEWC’s ongoing commitment to align with a managed transportation partner capable of integrating a Transportation Management System (TMS) with their current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology and processes.

In response to flexibility challenges, IEWC sought an optimized TMS solution via a TMS integrator experienced with the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) platform. Redwood emerged as a front-runner, offering an integrated solution that melds existing systems and processes, driven by their flexible approach and proven expertise.

“Our collaboration with Redwood has been instrumental in elevating our transport management operations,” said Gregg Mollen, Senior Global Logistics Manager, IEWC. “The integration of their TMS and OTM knowledge with our existing ERP technology has ensured optimal flexibility and complete visibility across all our locations. This has allowed us to better serve our diverse customer base, addressing their unique requirements in an efficient and timely manner.”

Redwood’s proficiency in assessing existing software and processes has led to the implementation of a fully integrated solution using RedwoodConnect™, OTM and top-tier freight management practices. This structured approach has led to optimized carrier utilization, reduced costs, and increased carrier effectiveness, particularly in Less than Truckload (LTL) shipments where inefficiencies are most common.

“Redwood’s collaboration with IEWC underscores the power of integrating cutting-edge technology into supply chain operations,” added Eric Rempel, Chief Innovation Officer, Redwood. “By harnessing the capabilities of RedwoodConnect™, OTM platform expertise and industry-leading freight management practices, we have transformed IEWC’s traditional logistics solutions. This step forward is a testament to the importance of innovation in supply chain technology, allowing for streamlined operations, cost efficiencies, and an overall better service to our customers.”

IEWC has seen significant savings, enhanced carrier relationships, and ensured accuracy in freight audit and payment. The open ecosystem provided by RedwoodConnect™ allows IEWC to maintain tech stack flexibility and integrate OTM and ERP systems with any other supply chain technology provider in the future.

For more information on Redwood’s work with IEWC, click here.