IFS helps customers accelerate automation & boost connectivity


IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, has announced the latest enhancements to its cloud-based solution, IFS Cloud™. The Autumn 2022 release, part of a twice-annual release cycle of the software, contains numerous enhancements, designed to help customers accelerate their automation efforts; connect operations globally across sites, functions, people, and assets, and achieve their environmental social and governance (ESG) goals.

Automation and analytics highlights

Central to the new release are enhancements that will support end-to-end process automation, and advanced analytics capabilities. The heightened automation in this release will help organisations transform operations, work efficiently, and liberate staff. Key new features include a cash planning analysis model enabling customers to improve cash management and reduce risk and a streamlined Manufacturing Execution System (MES), designed to improve production quality control and performance.

The Autumn release of IFS Cloud also includes enhanced analytics capabilities, which will allow customers to gain a faster understanding of key challenges across the business, transform operations, work more efficiently, and increase productivity. It also provides simpler, more intelligent analytics for faster time-to-insight, and improved predictive capabilities to support planning and reduce downtime.

Enhanced connectivity

The new release also includes capabilities that will help global companies connect operations across sites, functions, people, and assets, helping them serve customers faster, reduce downtime, and meet compliance requirements. Highlights include a new capability to manage and visualise operations across multiple currency rates and the ability to set and manage absence limits based on each country’s absence requirements, providing HR teams with a full absence view from multiple countries.

Helping customers meet ESG goals

The latest enhancements contain many features aimed at making it easier and faster for customers to collect, manage and record key data that provides visibility into their environmental performance. Key enhancements in this area include new functionality to track indirect greenhouse gas emissions. This will help organisations to better assess their overall carbon footprint in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, while also providing  the ability to help company and project teams connect and extract data from various sources to assess their performance in Scope 1 and 2 of the Sustainability Hub.

Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer, IFS (pictured right), said: “With each successive evolution of IFS Cloud, we are continuously looking to develop the solution to ensure it is fully aligned to how customers buy and use technology across each industry we work with – from construction and engineering to energy to aerospace and defence. Today, our customers are telling us they are looking to accelerate automation and attain intelligent insights faster; connect operations as they scale and grow into new countries; and drive forward on their journey to sustainability. That’s exactly what we have delivered to them in this latest release of IFS Cloud.”

IFS’s twice-annual release cycle, of which the Autumn 2022 update is the latest example, allows customers to constantly evolve their solution without the need for major upgrades or migrations, clearing their road to focus on business transformation.

For more information about the Autumn 2022 release of IFS Cloud, please visit: https://www.ifs.com/assets/cloud/what-is-new-in-ifs-cloud-22r2