Implementing an Automated Dimensioning System in Your Warehouse


Improving the process efficiency in your warehouse is one of the best ways to cut costs and improve profits. Artificial intelligence and other modern technologies have made that possible. With advanced dimensioning systems that simplify the dimensioning process, you can automate the process and make it effortless.

Read on as we explore how you can implement an automated dimensioning system in your warehouse and reap all the benefits that it brings.

What are Dimensioning Systems? 

Automated dimensioning systems are packaging solutions that gauge package dimensions despite the variations in shapes and sizes. They reduce the need for manual measurements, helping harmonise the entire packaging process. Modern dimensioning systems can be connected to barcode scanners and other devices in the warehouse, creating a coherent system with a shared database.

This standardisation is invaluable for e-commerce companies, vendors and suppliers in deciding costs, keeping track and raising invoices.

Why Do You Need Them?

With fulfilment requirements rising every minute, warehouses must constantly scale their packaging capacities. Automated dimensioning systems help warehouses achieve these goals while assisting them in slashing down operational costs.

In warehouses, the process of packaging and shipping relies on measurements. Modern dimensioning systems identify the length, width, height and weight of the packages with remarkable accuracy, not to mention the incredibly small timeframe. This is a blessing for e-commerce and other businesses that need systematic transference of packages within tight timelines.

Warehouses that deploy advanced dimensioning systems can maintain a consistently high standard of packaging efficiency.

Effortless Integrations

Advanced dimensioning systems seamlessly integrate with all other technologies and tools that are used in modern warehouses. Whether it is an ERP software, a warehouse management system or scanners, everything becomes a part of the ecosystem to make the process smoother.

Improved Throughput

With comprehensive reporting, these systems automate the inbound process completely. This means the entire warehouse operation is enhanced, from picking and sorting to estimating space and packing.

Ease of Meeting Timelines  

Most consumers look at the estimated delivery dates before ordering products online.

In the world of warehouse management, where time management is already one of the biggest challenges, supply chain issues can overwhelm the production and fulfilment system very quickly.

Automated dimensioning systems make it possible to predict the workload and deliver packages per the agreed upon timelines.

Removing Excess Costs

Reducing manual intervention through automated dimensioning systems is a simple yet effective way to cut labour costs. On the other hand, predicting your average daily and monthly output to a high level of accuracy is one of the best things you can do to minimize unnecessary costs from your day-to-day operations.

Also, with the reliability that automated dimensioning systems bring to the process, you can collect and analyse data and eventually make better predictions.

How to Go About It?

Several dimensioning automation solutions are available for all kinds of warehouse needs. The key is to ask yourself a few questions that help you assess your requirements and, hence, make an informed decision.

Dimensioning Speed

Two of the most significant variables you should consider in packaging are shape and size. Knowing what kinds of packages your dimensioning system would need to measure is critical.

While the faster, the better, understanding how fast you need your packages to be dimensioned is vital. Make sure you corroborate your speed requirements with the equipment you consider.

Data & Integration Requirements 

Would you need a system that does the bare minimum of collecting dimensional data or a holistic dimensioning solution that gets you access to more? With automated dimensioning systems compatible with all your other devices, you can generate real-time data that helps evaluate trends.

The Right Vendor 

Besides the mechanical requirements of the equipment, you should also consider the vendor. Consider a list of characteristics such as product efficiency, flexibility, troubleshooting and support while choosing a vendor.

Automated dimensioning systems are ideal for warehouses looking to skyrocket their efficiency and meet rising market demands. They gather and process reliable data, helping businesses get a clearer picture and improve profitability.

All it takes is the correct assessment of your requirements and a compatible solution so you can reduce costs and optimise your warehouse productivity in no time.