Keep Calm and Carry On Sending Parcels – Even Large and Heavy Ones


Traditional Post Offices are now cutting their hours to 9am-3pm and many delivery offices are slashing the time you can drop off parcels or pick up missed deliveries to two hours in the morning (7-9am), confirms the courier price comparison site ParcelHero. Some delivery companies have also shut their parcel pick-up and drop-off points entirely; but the good news is that UK couriers are continuing to collect and deliver to customers’ houses. Senders are still able to arrange collection for large and heavy items, and even pallet loads, adds ParcelHero, which specialises in large and heavy parcels.

In his latest update on UK courier services David Jinks MILT, Head of Consumer Services at ParcelHero, says:

‘As the effects of the spread of the coronavirus continue to grow, many postal services are being restricted in various ways, but the UK’s courier networks continue to come to customers’ doors and pick up parcels safely for delivery to locations in the UK and overseas. Be aware that there are delays to many international destinations, however, and that service guarantees have been suspended because of the crisis. A number of international couriers have also introduced temporary surcharges until further notice.

‘Home delivery is now the Home Front in the fight against the coronavirus and, thankfully, the UK’s couriers continue to visit homes all across the country. The nation’s couriers continue to drop off everything, from food and medicines to board games and garden tools, to keep households that are following lockdown guidelines fed and entertained. Following now well-established distancing protocols, they are also, of course, still picking up parcels to send to loved ones stuck in isolation and serving traders and retailers who are keeping their online operations going.

‘In addition, just because there is an emergency doesn’t mean that normal life does not still go on. For people needing to ship large and heavy items such as baby strollers, microwaves or even pallet loads, there are still routine collections of items up to 50kg in weight and, given sufficient notice, couriers are still able to organise heavier pallet loads. We strongly recommend anyone sending or returning a heavy item using a courier reads our comprehensive guide to packaging and shipping heavy items.

‘If you are returning large items, please check with the retailer you purchased an item from whether they are still accepting returns at this time. For example, John Lewis is accepting returns for smaller items bought online at its Waitrose stores and partner drop-off locations, and will still arrange pick-up for heavier items purchased online. It will also accept returns of store-bought purchases made after 18 February for up to 35 days after stores re-open. Argos has stopped accepting any returned items – even at its still open Sainsbury’s stores – and has asked customers to return items within 30 days of its full store re-opening.

‘Finally, one thing we can say for certain in these uncertain times is that home delivery drivers and couriers deserve praise and respect for showing flexibility and bravery in continuing to work. Without doubt, the front door has become the front line in the fight against the coronavirus.’

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