Increased throughput for occupational safety: Körber helps AS Arbeitsschutz increase throughput by 50 percent


Körber, the global supply chain technology leader from supply chain software to materials handling automation, expanded AS Arbeitsschutz’s logistics network and modernized its software and processes. The manufacturer of personal protective equipment and workwear, known mainly for its NITRAS brand, relies on an innovative warehouse management system (WMS) from Körber. The WMS is seamlessly integrated with the company’s automation components – e.g. an AutoStore® – at its headquarters in Bedburg, Germany.

AS Arbeitsschutz banks on flexibility in order to handle unprecedented fluctuations in demand. Jens Thome, Managing Director at AS Arbeitsschutz, explains: “The past few months have presented companies with unexpected challenges, especially in terms of occupational safety. We have been able to deliver the necessary products at the right time and to the right place mainly due to the intelligent WMS software and the reliable support it provided to meet the challenges of our industry.”

Especially during the go-live, the project partners faced special challenges, for instance due to test phases which had to be planned and carried out remotely. Intensive simulation scenarios ensured a smooth go-live in a very short amount of time. This became necessary due to the increase in demand for protective equipment, such as protective gloves and breathing masks, which increased throughput by 50 percent compared to the previous year for AS Arbeitsschutz.

Thanks to Körber’s many years of software and integration experience, the logistics center, including the integrated AutoStore® storage and retrieval system, smoothly entered high-load operation. It encompassed optimized logistics processes in the goods receiving and goods issue areas, storage structures for pallets and picking strategies for deliveries to sales partners in over 30 countries.

As the product range continues to grow, about 10,000 SKUs (stock keeping units) for shipping up to 6,400 parcels will be managed in the future. Michael Brandl, Chief Executive Officer at Körber Supply Chain for Europe and Middle East (EME), explains that the WMS developed by Körber was implemented for these requirements. “Modifiable and efficient processes are the performance features of our warehouse management solutions that make all the difference. This means that our solutions can be perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and seamlessly integrated with existing system environments to meet the changing requirements of the retail industry.”

Last but not least, all employees enjoy using the new system. “Our new solution has benefited us in many ways,” Thome emphasizes. “System-related agility is important, but the possibility to have our employees use intuitive interfaces has improved the operational process in particular. We can achieve more with less – and Körber is a reliable partner at our side that will continue to provide the necessary IT know-how to future-proof our intralogistics processes.”