Increasing attention is being paid to AI as it becomes more embedded in our technologies


The news today that the White House proposed regulatory principles to govern the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as saying it wants European officials to likewise avoid aggressive approaches is a sign of the increasing attention being paid to AI as it becomes more embedded in our technologies. We have seen a few unintended consequences leading to general concerns in the industry over decisions put forward by some algorithms which have highlighted biases inherent in the data. It is therefore important that we look to adopt regulations which ensure AI follows certain principles so that we can address these limitations.

Technology vendors designing AI solutions should also ensure their designs give an outside-in view of black box algorithms, helping humans better understand black box algorithms and thus alleviating the current trust issues.

AI has the potential to improve almost every aspect of our lives, but we must first design it with our own values in mind in order to ensure it is working to the benefit of all.