Internet Service Provider, MTH Networks Standardise on TP-Link Mesh Routers to Maximise Customer Satisfaction


TP-Link®, a leading global provider of business and consumer networking products, today announces a collaboration with MTH Networks, the ISP arm of Monkey Tree Hosting Ltd. MTH Networks has delivered managed internet services across the OFNL, Openreach, CityFibre and TalkTalk network for over six years. MTH Networks selected TP-Link’s Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi to deliver the very best wireless connection to all of their users as the foundation of their offering.

Previously, MTH Networks were using off-the-shelf outdated routers which required office staff to manually configure each router for each client. This resulted in a substantial loss of time and an overall substandard offering. Due to new-build homes commonly having a modem router installed under the stairs resulting in signal issues throughout the house, MTH Networks set out to provide a reliable and cost-effective mesh router system to offer their clients and customers. TP-Link was able to provide a mesh whole home network solution using multiple nodes, even if the modem router was in a difficult inconvenient location.

With the provision of the HC220-G5 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi ISP-Specific Mesh Node solution, TP-Link supplied Monkey Tree Hosting with a unified wireless network used throughout the home. With Client & Band Steering, MU-MIMO Technology, and combined speeds of up to 300 Mbps and 867 Mbps, the Mesh intelligently connects devices to the Mesh Node with the strongest signal. With this network solution, users can experience enhanced signal and reliability throughout their homes. In the wake of home working and the continued importance of having a strong internet connection in every room, customers require the fastest connection possible and it is this type of solution from TP-Link that delivers on this.

Steve Curtis, Technical Director at MTH Networks, explained that “When investigating how to improve our clients and customers network connections, we reached out to TP-Link who were incredibly proactive in designing a solution to meet our needs and price requirements. Throughout all discussions, there was never a problem too big or small for the team to deal with.”

“Rolling out this mesh solution from TP-Link will significantly improve the usability as well as reduce confusion and problems. As the TP-Link routers are pre-configured to our settings, we are given greater peace of mind that the customer can plug and play for quick access to seamless WiFi coverage,” Curtis continued.

“We believe that all customers and clients deserve to experience a flawless network connection, and supplying MTH Networks with the ability to provide its customers with this has been a great partnership. The provision of Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi devices enables MTH’s users to experience a seamless wireless connection like no other, and it’s our goal to provide all our customers with high performance network solutions” said Kalam Meah, ISP Director UK & Ireland at TP-Link UK.

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