Creating Real Customer Journeys with Customizable Email Solutions


Customer journey refers to your entire experience as a customer while interacting with any business. The journey is not only about experiences related to purchasing but beyond that. It mainly focuses on what you feel about the interactions with the brand.

Email is the primary communication channel between customer and brand. The email touchpoints help build trust and create loyal customers as your relationship improves. In addition, customizable email solutions can be a great journey builder. So let’s look at making real customer journeys with customizable email solutions.

Create Journeys Based on IF Conditions

Every customer and their expectations from the brand are different. Therefore, you need to find a solution that presents you with a list of customer journey templates that can be selected on IF conditions.

Each template will have a pre-configured pipeline and related settings to help your business create a customer journey of the chosen type. The “IF statements” allow companies to personalize the experience for each customer in the email list. They can use Tags and Field checks to create personalized customer journeys.

Use Triggers to Start Customer Journeys

Trigger emails are important components of email marketing, where emails are sent automatically to prospects/customers based on certain conditions. The triggers can be different conditions like specific signals, customer actions, or user behaviors on a one-to-one basis.

Trigger emails help nurture customers to receive the full benefits of your product. For example, businesses can send triggered emails that have not activated specific features or send celebratory messages to complete onboarding. In addition, trigger emails can help companies avoid sending too many emails to prospects or customers, which can hamper the user experience.

Send Emails Via Sign Up by Date

Businesses can send emails to customers as soon as they sign up, join your list or purchase products. For example, suppose the customers join the list. In that case, businesses can send an ebook about a product to help customers gain more information about the products and guide them to make an informed purchase decision. In addition, companies can send email reminders to customers about their ending subscription and refer them to renewal links.

In case of cancellations or delayed renewals, businesses can create urgency by sending emails to the customers and encouraging them to take appropriate action.

Send Emails by Tagged Events

Protecting customer information and accounts is the primary responsibility of every business. It will alert customers about ongoing account activities and help prevent any fraudulent activities or transactions. Businesses can send emails for tagged events such as suspicious account activity. For example, emails can be sent when login is detected from an unknown device or country.

Track Everything

Businesses need to track everything about their email communication during marketing campaigns. Customized email solutions is a good journey builder as it provides businesses with powerful tracking tools that help track spam complaints, perform A/B tests, and get ECMP reports.

A/B testing allows businesses to send one variation of a campaign subset to one group of subscribers and another campaign subset to another group of subscribers. The objective behind A/B testing is to find out which campaign subset garners the best results.

ECMP refers to Email Campaign Tracking and Reporting. Businesses face the challenge of tracking all metrics of an email campaign. You can easily manage your inbox with Mailstrom to keep track of your ECMP reports that help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your email campaigns.

Customizable email solutions present marketers with all information related to the marketing campaign in an easy-to-understand format.

To sum up, these are a few ways you can create real customer journeys with customizable email solutions.


Author Bio : Alice Johnson is a passionate and full-time professional blogger. Also she writes on various topics. Gardening is her hobby and loves to travel a lot.  She is also very much into learning new ideas that prove useful to one’s personal and Business life.