New Ada Lovelace report: Regulating AI in the UK


Following the release of the latest report from the Ada Lovelace Institute ‘Regulating AI in the UK’ – Jaeger Glucina made the following comment:

Reports such as the Ada Lovelace Institute’s latest are a welcome (and needed) appraisal of the UK’s approach to AI regulation. With AI increasingly embedded in our lives – both personally and professionally – the Government’s ambition to make the UK the leading influence is a positive move.  But as this report points out, this ambition will only materialise with effective domestic regulation. So, while it is encouraging to see the government’s aspirations to lead the conversation, the UK must first establish its own concrete regulatory position. It needs to be a position that is forward-thinking, ensures trust, and prioritises compatibility with other regulatory frameworks. If the UK’s approach to regulation adheres to these pro-innovation principles, we can provide the platform for the UK’s future AI economy and become an enabler of the next great technology revolution.